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August 10th 2003
12 of the Island's worst weeds

Close-up of  Leucaena seed pods Magnetic Island is unfortunately home to a number of weed species. Many of our environmental weeds have been garden escapes (like our periwinkles and mother in law's tongues), while many others are spread by birds (Lantana is spread by birds fruit-eating birds), others like guinea grass probably arrived on the on the tyres of cars and heavy machinery. How ever they got here it's important that we make an effort to lessen their impact on our native flora and fauna.

Information on identifying and removing 12 of the Island's worst weeds is following. For further information on weed control and identification contact the Island Nursery on 4778 5007) or Townsville City Council's Planning Service on 4727 9310.

How to remove the following weeds
Singapore daisy
Mother-in-law's tongue
Mother of millions

Pull out. (Moistening the soil first will help.) Disturb the soil as little as possible. Take care to remove all (or as much as you can) of the plant, including its roots. (Many species will re-grow from even broken pieces of the plant left on the soil.) Dispose of at the Picnic Bay green waste tip. Chemical weed control is also possible.

Singapore daisy;

Pink and white periwinkle

Mother-in-law's tongue


Mother of millions

How to remove Guinea grass
Pull out. (Moistening the soil first will help.) Disturb the soil as little as possible. Shake soil from roots. Use the grass as mulch around trees, making sure that the roots are not in contact with the soil. Regular slashing, mowing or brushcutting may discourage strong growth. Chemical weed control is also possible.

Guinea grass

How to remove the following large weeds
Yellow Oleander
and Tecoma

These large, woody or succulent weeds, often need special treatment - such as, cut stumping, basal barking or chainsawing. If you are not sure about how to remove these species, contact TCC's Environmental Planning Services on 4727 9310 or The Island Nursery on 4778 5007.

Yellow Oleander

Leucaena (see also main picture for detail)




The above information has been proivided by Magnetic Island Nature Care, Magnetic Island Community Development Association and Townsville City Council.

12 of the Island's worst weeds
November 26th 2003
Thank you very much! I have wanted this info for a long time!
February 26th 2004
In the Netherlands, Lantana camara is a sold in shops as a special plant. They are hold in glasshouses during the winter so they won't die...
Joanne Ross
March 4th 2004
I live on an Island off Jamaica and although I understand that some plants are virtual weeds, do research which one will invite and sustain subspecies and endemic butterflies therefore managing an appropriate ecosystem. Lantana, Snakeweed and many grasses are very important to birds and butterflies. It would be irresponsible to pluck all weeds and plant exotic flora requiring excessive watering and maintenance. Learn about your environment before you destroy it. I left an area in my garden go wild for 6 months and found new plant species and butterflies species, this was scientificaly proven.
June 4th 2004
By all means, birds and butterflies have a direct link in the procedure of fertilizing plants, but in all aspects weeds desicrate natural environments and depending on the resources we may have at our fingertips, birds and butterflies aren't neccessarily doing us any favours. All declared plants and animals need to be addressed and though we don't sometimes appreciate what government departments set up we should all take note that they are only doing whats best for our environment. Keep up the good work.
April 1st 2009
Remember, one man's weed is another man's flower. Or his dinner.

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