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September 12th 2007
Jazz Party winners announced

John Hoffman and Georgia Webber at the last GTJP Thanks to all the entrants in the News Club competition to win two double passes to the Great Tropical Jazz Party which starts this Friday night at the MI International Resort.

We offered the prizes for members who could answer the following question: What instrument, apart from vocals, will Natalie Dajski be "frontlining" with, as noted in the GTJP 2007 Lineup notes (CLICK HERE) ?

And for all those who followed the link to the Jazz Party's informative website the answer was: the clarinet.

And, the lucky lucky winners drawn from the Editor's bulging hat were: Wade Pemberton and Theresa Petray

So if this was your unlucky day be assured there will be more News Club comps soon.

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George Hirst

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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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