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November 23rd 2012
Now for a little poetry

It's been a while since we have received reader submitted poems to share but these three, life affirming, pieces came our way recently from Ilya Shambat (Ed.)

Cool Water Spring

Your soul is a cool water spring on a hot summer day
Bathing my heart with your soothing caressing resplendor;
In it are ripples and ponds and from miles away
It pours upon me - your gentleness, kindness, candor -

Washing away all the agony and the dirt
Washing away all that is untrue and polluted
Taking away all the nastiness, pain and hurt
And livening my heart with your fantastic beauty.

Your soul that dissolves all world's harshness, but is herself pure
Your soul, so spectacular and so precious!
Dressing yourself with external and inner allure -
Pouring under the rock, till it bursts, till it crashes!

Your soul is a cool water spring - in it, truth of life
Glimmers and shimmers and plays in your quintessence:
In it, Eternal and You are made whole, and together they strive
To bathe all the world in your cool and caressing liquescence.

And then as the river will flow, to become ocean waves -
Bathing the corals and sands and the swimming creatures:
Bringing along with itself all the substance Life craves
And then becoming Life's substance as well as Her teacher:

Into the clouds, and the rain, and the ocean mist -
There to create its embodiment and completeness!
Coursing through everything, allowing life to exist -
Passionate truth and the substance of all existence!

Your soul is a cool water spring - a spring storm -
And in its highest embodiment - a sun shower:
Water illumined by light; soft, transparent, and warm -
Greetings to you, O spectacular soul from down under!

Great Barrier Reef

I'll see you on the Great Barrier Reef
As universe around us explodes -
And is transfomed into the light - and if
It lives, will we live too, do you suppose?

I'll meet you in that world beyond belief -
The world where love and hope spring eternal -
Where in each moment Passion is achieved
And soars into Sublime from the Infernal -

As Nonexistence struggles to deceive -
We be the truth's embodiment, sweet beauty!
The lifeforce rushing through us like a sieve
And rising to the stars, no more polluted.

How much magnificence can you conceive?
How much, as unison of soul and matter?
Thus blood from our hearts will be retrieved
And over all of Humankind will scatter -

There to impart the healing and relief
There to impart the wisdom and the kindness
There to impart this passion - that can live
The world that is exploding behind us!

To alter all that has been misconceived -
To reach into the core of every atom -
To give, and see to it that is received
All that we feel and all that we have fathomed.

And if one dies and, paralyzed with grief,
The other wants to dive into the ocean,
We'll be there - on the Great Barrier Reef -
Frozen in time, in passion and devotion.

To Lillian

The umbilical cord is blue,
The placenta is black and red,
The newborn's skin is purple,
And now, I'm a dad.

It took seven minutes -
No more than that,
My love stands, leans on me,
Then comes out a head

And then - an announcement
To all alive:
The baby is here -
Greet her, husband and wife!

How do I feel
Do you suppose
When you reach for my eyes
Or snatch at my nose

Or look at my face
With wise giant clear eyes
Appearing informed
By multiple lives

And yet also open
To everything here -
Whatever world you come from,
Greetings, my dear!

"Num-num" for milk,
"Bum-bum" to get changed -
Both words you know
At one month of age,

You look like a bear cub
When your mom sits you up
And resound like a trumpet
When you give out a burp

Or you happily laugh
When you stand on her thighs
And she holds you up
And looks in your eyes

And when I say
You will grow up strong
You don't cry any more
And then stare along -

Everyone says
"What a beautiful baby"
Hug you and kiss you
And then you are happy

Wherefrom do you come?
What do you know?
What is your truth?
Into what will you grow?

What will you teach us?
What will you become?
Put pieces together
Into what sum?

How to combine
Wisdom of soul
With what exists
In this world?

All that you have been,
All that you see,
All that is given
And what you will be -

Masterpiece, artist,
Creation, creator,
Nature, mankind,
Shaped and the shaper,

Part you eternal,
Part me and my wife,
Part what you'll learn
And part all of life -

In those giant eyes
As you look to the ceiling
Full of great thought
Full of great feeling

Full of everything
That is true:
Lilian Gaia Shambat,
I love you!

Ilya Shambat

Now for a little poetry
Daune Hess
November 23rd 2012
This is a love song in poetry from a father to his baby daughter. It's simple enough that a small child can respond to it, and complex enough to joyfully hold the attention of an adult reader or listener. I read it to myself out loud the second time and realized--this poem is exactly like the poet -- who shared it with a tiny girl. I think both father and daughter are rare creatures who are extremely blessed.
Ilya Shambat
November 24th 2012
Thank you Dawn. Just in case anyone else misreads, it's the last poem that is for my daughter; the first two are for my wife. Lilian is a delightful child, and I'm happy to have her for a daughter.

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