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February 15th 2013
Council thinks twice after storm erosion

Ex-Oswald hammers Horseshoe beach foreshore last month In his regular update of Council activity, Magnetic Island's councillor and deputy mayor, Vern Veitch commented that, "while, Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald passed Townsville with minimal damage apart from a few tree branches and about 250mm of rain in most places. Horseshoe Bay was the exception."

According to Cr Veitch, "Wind and waves hit on the top of the tide and resulted in more than a metre of beach fore dune berm being eroded.

"Although this sand has not been lost and over time it will probably return, there are now increased threats to the infrastructure on the beach side of Pacific Drive.

"Perhaps the erosion was a timely event in that it has stopped the development of the new toilet block in the short term.

"Council engineering planners and project staff are now considering alternative sites in the precinct that might be less prone to risks from future storm events. This will involve the development of options and subsequent local consultation to identify the most practical site."

In the interim, council will be installing a demountable plumbed and wired building to provide facilities until the new replacement facility has been completed.

Cr Veitch added, "Local residents and businesses have been notified directly both with a face to face visit and a notice that was hand delivered."

Council thinks twice after storm erosion
February 16th 2013
I was wondering why they were re-building on the same site after the previous damage...considering the proximity to the estuary. so common sense does prevail eventually?
Wendy Tubman
February 18th 2013
The wonderful climate reminder service at work, Barbara!

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