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January 31st 2013
Garage Sale this Saturday

Includes very comfy chairs, wardrobe, coffee table, work station, mattresses, s-s-s-single bed, kitchen chairs, kitchen bibs n bobs and a bunch of stuff our friends are gonna bring to sell too. So don't miss our steamy season sell-off garage sale starting 8am (not before) Saturday 2 Feb at 16 Barbarra Street Picnic Bay.

Garage Sale this Saturday
Not fair
January 30th 2013
Sounds great, but I've all but given up on garage sales on the island because certain people always arrive before start time, and even prior to setting up, and are allowed to skim the cream.
Maybe this acceptable on the mainland,but in a small, and isolated community, we don't have the abundant opportunities when it comes to garage sales and other second-hand goods.
I hope you let it be known that there will be no pre start-time sales.

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