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December 13th 2012
Horseshoe Public toilets to be replaced

Townsville City Council is to replace the public toilet building at Horseshoe Bay and build new toilets in its place.

According to a Townsville City Council update, Council has contracted Knight Constructions to commence works on the new public toilet building from mid December with works expected to be completed by Easter 2013.

During December 2012 and January 2013 works for the new public toilets at Horseshoe Bay includes:
* Five unisex temporary port-a-loos will be installed adjacent to the old public toilets from Monday 10 December and will be in place until such time as the new public toilets are working.
* Installation of a construction site fence
* The old public toilet structure will be demolished before Christmas. These works are expected to take a couple of days.

Works will include the use of heavy commercial vehicles, excavators (including rock breakers where required), trucks, backhoes, water trucks and various hand tools.

Over Christmas works will cease from 5pm on Friday 21 December 2012 until 6.30am Monday January 7 2013.

Dust suppression measures will include hosing the site down and, if needed, adding a polymer to the water used to dampen work areas onsite.

Council are also planning to limit the use of reversing beepers by providing respite periods during extremely noisy works, especially during the demolition works. They are also encouraging any feedback concerning dust or noise and can be contacted at: 1300878001.

Work hours will be from 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Saturday.

All works are subject to weather impacts. Work dates may change due to adverse weather

Horseshoe Public toilets to be replaced
Brad Smith
December 13th 2012
Exactly how is the council proposing to limit the use of reversing beepers? Deactivate them? (Which is illegal.) or Only use their vehicles in a forward motion? (Which is impossible.)
December 13th 2012
Brad Smith, the article states that Council is proposing to limit the use of reversing beepers " providing respite periods during extremely noisy works". I guess Council shovels will be installed in the ground in a shady spot where the machine operators can periodically lean respitefully.
December 13th 2012
Wonder if there are figures on whether it's better for the wider population to cop a squished bod every now and then from silent reversing machines compared to the number of people who could go completely insane and top themselves from being exposed to those maddening bloody beeps?
Ture Sjolander
January 6th 2013
Shit Happens !
February 12th 2013
I guess it will be "flushed" into the sea with the next storm northerly.

We require a timber wall such as the likes of picnic bay otherwise we are going to end up with NO recreational council parkland.

Magnetic Islanders should be very concerned about what is happening at Horseshoe Bay parkland and start to constructively lobby the council to protect this part of the bay.

I'd be very concerned if I owned any business's along that foreshore let alone owned the property rights from Maggie's Beachfront apartments all the way to Lotus house, those properties are going to end up in the sea if nothing is done to
Save that beachfront. Before any tall poppy syndrome people say that's their fault for buying beachfront properties think about what it will do for the viability of Maggie if there isn't a Horseshoe Bay recreational parkland

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