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December 10th 2012
Nelly Bay man attacked while in bed

A man is to appear in court today charged over an alleged assault at the Magnetic International units last Friday night in which a resident suffered serious facial injuries.

According to Senior Constable Brendan Nugent from the Magnetic Island Police, the incident occurred when a 39 year old Island resident, allegedly forced entry and allegedly assaulted a 35 year old man (in bed), inside his unit.

The victim, who was acquainted with alleged attacker, suffered what Constable Nugent described as, ‘serious facial injuries that would appear to require surgery.’ The Townsville Bulletin reported that he suffered ‘multiple fractures including a broken jaw and a suspected broken arm.’

While Magnetic Times has been unable to confirm the extent of the man’s injuries, Constable Nugent said that fists were used but ruled out the use of weapons. He also thought that it unlikely that the victim would suffer any permanent disability from the incident.

The victim was evacuated to Townsville Hospital.

The alleged attacker was accompanied by a second suspect, a woman, who police expect to speak to shortly.

Nothing was reported to have been stolen and drugs have been ruled out as a cause.

Constable Nugent believes the matter was, ‘more of a personal issue.’

While the incident may be disturbing for Island residents, overall, such events are well down on previous years according to Constable Nugent. It comes after a quiet period crime-wise on Magnetic. Constable Nugent said, ‘We are not getting the really nasty ones (these days). Most of our figures are down on a decade ago.’

The incident occurred at the Magnetic International, which no longer operates specifically as a resort but offers low cost accommodation and has received negative press recently over claims of higher rates of crime being committed there.

Constable Nugent said that, ‘There has been an increase in service calls to the International but not at a level that requires any specific intervention.‘ He added that, ‘It tends to be confined to the residents and we are not seeing a spate of break-ins to houses and other crime in the wider community.’

On another matter, Senior Constable Nugent was concerned that a number of items have been disappearing from cars and possessions left on the beach at West Point lately and repeated his regular warnings for Islanders to be sure to lock their vehicles and homes when going out.

Story: George Hirst

Nelly Bay man attacked while in bed
December 10th 2012
Thats a much better article than what the Bully came up with!
December 10th 2012
Thank you for giving us the news in a balanced way George.
Alf Goater
December 10th 2012

It scares the hell out of the elderly,when the Bully has headlines like (home invasions )thanks George, now we have it.
George Hirst
December 10th 2012
Ta guys, I think we can all see the levels that the Murdoch owned Bully will go to exploit a story. Nothing like a fight to attract attention. it's all so predictable and little wonder their circulation keeps falling.
December 11th 2012
Don't worry George most of what your articled stated was what went through my mind, and I daresay other island residents, after reading that well known rag known as The Townsville Bulletin had sensationalised. Magnetic Island residents "reeling". Give me a break.
Jason S.
December 12th 2012
But this is a crime island... A ghetto even...LOL

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