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October 11th 2012
The follow-up: how it's done

Here is a fascinating insight into how programs like ACA and Today Tonight operate. It's from a TV insider who has been living quietly on Magnetic and wants to stay that way. The description is fascinating and a bit scary. But forewarned is forearmed if a commercial current affairs crew once again comes-a-knocking.

Our insider noticed that there were calls by some to get Today Tonight to come and do a job following ACA's "Crime Island" report.

Now read on...

"Regarding Today Tonight. I don't understand why anyone would want to bring in a different version of the same monster. You must know how the storyline will go. The narrative that will be written in a 'script' meeting:

Producers will be understanding and express their disbelief that ACA could possibly run such a negative story about such a beautiful place. They will suggest a reconciliation meeting between two 'warring' parties. They will find the most volatile of people from both sides, those who are unpredictable except in their predictability of exploding on camera.

"They will tell two different stories to both parties, rile them up and prepare the scenario for an on camera confrontation, preferably with punches thrown. The meeting will be set but organized so that they unexpectedly meet each other on the street/carpark on their way into the meeting.

"Both parties will be appropriately prepped and emotional and just as they are about to see the other person, a comment will be made, a suggestion whispered into their ears by the accompanying producers and BANG, there is your vision, on the street, words exchanged, punches thrown, camera thrown off balance, while the reporter will look hapless and confused and come out looking like the good guy who was just trying to mediate and has become a victim.

"Even the poor camera operator took a fall. All hail the heroism of the Today Tonight crew. Or, more likely is that ACA will offer that same story and return. All hail the bravery of ACA for trying to do a good turn for what has now been confirmed as an ugly, violent, 'crime island'. All hail ACA for being right in the first place."

Sound about right? Let's hope not.

George Hirst

The follow-up: how it's done
Chris C
October 11th 2012
Nope!! - sounds just about right to me George!!

And as I explained to the kids - it all started from a similarly motivated and unintelligent piece by our very own Townsville Bully.

And the "investigative" "journalists" at ACA picked it up, as they do all of their "leads", by trolling through every newspaper in the country (well, through the clippings at least)over their morning coffee looking for a bit of juicy conflict that might make for good vision.

Think about it... tropical island...with a magnetic name no less...a run down "resort"... a few dole bludgers...blackfellas are even better... a few aging neighbours...not too bright ones are even better...the coppers...etc.

A simple but timeless recipe for 180 seconds of ragingly purile TV that works every time. Total cost = two sponsored airfares and two ferry tickets (they stayed in Town I bet)all paid for by Woolies or whoever it is that likes to associate their brand with such trash.

Well I guess the upside is that at least ACA spent more money on the island in one day than the Bully would have spent in the last 6 months!!!

Tabloid TV belongs in the same place as tabloid newspapers I reckon!
October 11th 2012
Spot on article and response from Chris especially your comment on "ACA spent more money than the Bully would have" etc. When the local paper seems, well to me, to have a bee in it's bonnet about publishing negativity about Maggie on a regular basis it's no wonder Tabloid TV is onto it purely for a ratings exercise.
October 11th 2012
They say bad publicity is better than no publicity. Let's hope that beautiful Magnetic Island stays in people's minds longer than "crime island"
October 16th 2012
This story has really shocked me. Earlier this year I decided to spend a couple of months on Magetic Island to recover from an illness thanks to a friend who suggested the island was 'quite healing'. I found Magnetic Island to be a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary. Are there drug users and alcoholics on the island? Of course there are! They are every where in the world but definately nowhere near to the degree ACA has claimed. Personally I found the island to be a perfectly safe place to live and extended my stay to nearly 6 months. The wonderful local residents of Magnetic Island made me feel welcomed and safe and at no time did I ever feel threatened by others. I have walked around the island at different times of the day and night without any concerns. Visitors to the island enjoy the opportunity to take in one of Australia's wonderland of fauna and flora and to breath in the amazing scenery the island has to offer. As for the full moon parties - well that's all they are - parties!. The young ones love to dance, drink and have fun - so what!! We were all young once and these experiences become a part of our unforgettable memories later in life as we remember the freedom we used to enjoy before life became serious. If the particular resort in question has damaged it's reputation by allowing undesirables to dwell on its property well that could have been avoided by being more selective about who they accepted as tenants. Someone who appears healthy and capable of working and yet hasn't had a job in years is a clear indication that something is not right. One only needs to accept a few tenants such as these to realize before too long that they should have been more selective. I cannot praise Magnetic Island enough and highly reccomend it to singles, couples and families who are looking for somewhere special to have a memorable holiday. In my opinion Magnetic Island is one of the few holiday destinations left in the world where you can still feel welcomed, safe and totally at home with nature at its very best!!

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