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September 4th 2012
$25,500 raised for Zack

Zack's mum Liz Roesler with partner Jimbo Mitchell It was a big hot August night last Saturday at the Picnic Bay Hotel when 170 locals showed up to support one small boy: Zack Roesler. It was also a night Magnetic Islanders can feel truly proud about.

The ladies took the opportunity to doll up and the blokes... well, some went black tie but, as one might expect in Magnetic’s inimitable way, some fellas appeared as if they’d popped by to borrow a cast net.

But while the sexy, sharp and snazzy rubbed shoulders with fashion denialists and everybody in between, the biggest impressions were being made by the contents of the collective back pockets and handbags. A massive $21,000 was raised through the tickets, raffles, auctions and sheer, gifted generosity. And, to top it, off Magnetic Island Rotary's Golf Day found another $4,500.

It was yet another occasion to be very proud to be part of this community.

Zack’s mum Liz was keen to thank all who made it happen and passed on the following message.

"Magnetic Island Community (and a few from further afield) for attending, and donating so much amazing stuff. Thank you Magnetic Times and Magnetic Community News for your support, to the Sara Shaw Band for your fantastic music, the Firefly's for the beautiful show, to Jo Matheson, Jan Phillips, and of course Marc Anthony for the snake photo's, to Zinc FM for the slick MC'ing, to Pam and her staff at the Picnic Bay Pub for the beautiful venue and great service, to Vicki, Gail, Mick, Amber and Gill.... and finally, of course the amazing Ang, Kerrie, and Katrina for organising it all so well. Plus a big thank you to Magnetic Island Rotary for their fundraiser last weekend.”

For those unaware of Zack’s challenging health problems (click here)

For all our photos of the big night visit our facebook page (
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Story and photo: George Hirst

$25,500 raised for Zack
September 4th 2012
You are a truly amazing woman Liz and to see our community repond in such positive ways when one of our island kids needs a bit of help should help to strengthen your resolve no end - you are doing just great! My wonderful little friend Zackary has many challenges ahead I'm afraid and thank god everyones efforts make this a whole lot easier for his family. So proud to be a Maggie Islander rite now! By the way, it was a fantastic nite!!!!

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