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May 21st 2012
Magnetic Times joins facebook

It's been a long time coming but today, Magnetic Times finally moved into the social network.

It's all a bit new and there will, no doubt, be some slips on the learning curve, but with our rather ancient software running this site we have taken the plunge to enable greater functionality especially with photos and connecting with a broader web base.

As a special treat we have loaded, and will be further loading, lots of snaps from Bay of Origins past as a lead up to this weekend's big clash which co-incides with all the celebrations connected with the Horseshoe Bay School Reunion.

So, please accept our warm invitation to take a peep at our new and very young Facebook presence: (Click here) and "LIKE US"!!!

See you in facebook too.

George Hirst

Magnetic Times joins facebook
May 21st 2012
Congratulations! Well done!Look forward to reading about events and happenings there.
Patricia MacQueen
May 21st 2012
Wonderful news Since my Noel's{ O'Brien's passing on the 17-5-2009}when sleep won't come and still being awake in the wee small hours,who better to spend my time with then you George the Editor of Magnetic Times,so congratulations George on your forward move Cheers ....

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