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May 2nd 2012
Notice of roadworks

Work on the Nelly Bay to Arcadia walkway is about to commence. Following is an important notice regarding traffic movements during the construction period.

Following is a live link for Hutchinson Builders contact email address:

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Notice of roadworks
May 2nd 2012
Good to see the common sense prevailing with night work for complete closures. Buses may have a problem getting to and from ferries on time though, unless they are given special treatment...more common sense(:
May 2nd 2012
How exciting to be finally having a SAFE walkway between Arcadia and Nelly,if some are annoyed that the work is going to go on for six months or so,when it is all over we will all be happy,how many times have we nearly run over a tourist on that stretch of the road,we are pretty laid back up here and because we live in a beautiful tropical part of Australia it does not give us the right to amble in the middle of the road,or stop two a breast on the scooters to have a chat around the bend,so thank goodness the walkway IS going to happen at long last.
May 2nd 2012
Looks like we will all have to leave for work fifteen minutes earlier.
May 3rd 2012
Night works - woo hoo; how sensible. Really only the police and taxis out after midnight!!!!! Yeah for being clever. Goodluck.

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