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April 30th 2012
Did the RTA visit affect Magnetic Island voting?

220 less Magnetic Islanders appear to have voted over the last weekend than during the State Election just over a month ago. And while we wait for the outcome of the close-fought mayoral race, could it be that a visit from the Road Traffic Authority in a joint operation with Townsville Police running from Thursday to Saturday was the cause?

According to figures provided to Magnetic Times, 574 people voted in Nelly Bay and 387 in Arcadia. Thatís a total of 961 votes cast on Magnetic compared to 1181 cast for candidates for the Townsville seat at the State election on March 24.

It seems many Islanders may not have been prepared to run the gauntlet of being checked for their carís roadworthiness and more than a couple of locals commented on how quiet the streets were over the weekend.

While Vern Veitch appears to have won Division 3, which includes Magnetic Island, we are still awaiting the outcome of the close tussle between Jenny Hill and Dale Last for the mayoralty.

According to Senior Constable Brendan Nugent, from Magnetic Island Police, the joint operation between the MTA and Townsville Police was aimed at unroadworthy cars both on and off the road.

Sen Constable Nugent did not have any figures at hand for the MTA roadworthy tickets issued but said that cars were being stopped and checked on the road as well as cars spotted in yards. If a car was seen to have an obvious defect such as excessive rust, a check was run on its registration and owners could expect a notice requesting that they present the vehicle for a Department of Transport check or face de-registration.

The traffic police assisted the operation looking mostly for car occupants with unfastened seat belts and drivers under the influence of alcohol. Sen Constable Nugent didnít have the weekendís figures but on Friday, 11 infringements were issued including one for DUI.

The Townsville Drug Squad also visited over the period and 5 locals were charged with possession of cannabis. 3 of the 5 were also charged with possession and supply.

Cartoon and story: George Hirst

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Did the RTA visit affect Magnetic Island voting?
April 30th 2012
Love the cartoon, George.
We very nearly didn't vote. I didn't get an official notification that there was to be an election and that I had to vote.
Don't know if that had something to do with why people didn't vote. Yeah yeah, there was plenty of advertising from the protagonists, so no real excuse.
Somehow, to me, it's not official unless I have received notification.
I understand that councils are hot on fining people who don't vote, so I'm glad we remembered.
April 30th 2012
Love the drawing and the caption George lol very artistic,
April 30th 2012
This is a brilliant cartoon George and captures the feel of the Island so well!!! As for the elections, certainly well enough publicised to know they were on, and there's always the bus! I gave a lift to someone going to another Bay as they weren't using their car. All very well, but hey, I'd hate to hurt someone because of a defective/dangerous vehicle. I would ask though, if Palm Island received the same attention???????
April 30th 2012
I love the art work too! Onya!
April 30th 2012
What a pity the police were not so vigilent on booking parents whose chilrden are under age and who are not seated in approved child safety seats. The police could make a fortune if they sat outside the school and checked for this with parents drpooing off and collecting their children Also how about a campaign to book drivers for not having their dogs appropriately restrained{according to the new laws}in the back of their utes!!! Probably too much paper work for the police.
May 1st 2012
I do know that because we are so used to this all being a waste of time as the councils will do what they want anyway, many of us either forgot or nearly did. The amount of WASTED funds being spent on lip service style roadworks at present turns you off for starters. No wonder there are a lot of unroadworthy vehicles when they have to tackle the disgusting alleged repair work...sure it hires a lot of staff, but a job well done would save a lot of stress and money for locals having to constantly repair cars. And yes, love the artwork(: ps I woukld have thought police were Campbell Newman's responsibility...Liberal means liberal amounts of money

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