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April 12th 2012
Magnetic Island's council election candidates' Q&A

Magnetic Island resident and TCC candidate Harrison Duncan With Townsville City Council elections just a little over two weeks away, Magnetic Times has put a range of questions to the three prospective candidates for Council Division 3 which includes Magnetic Island.

The candidates include: Vern Veitch who is presently a Townsville councillor and running under Dale Lastís Townsville First team. (Click here) for his background. Vicki Salisbury is running for Jenny Hillís Team Hill (Click here) and, Magnetic Islander, Harrison Duncan, an independent, who has no website nor uses a computer. Harrison is a retired school teacher.

Over the days up to the election we will be releasing the candidates' responses with the first two Q&Aís posted below.

Why do you want to be a councillor?

Vicki Salisbury:
I believe that creativity is the ultimate economic resource. The ability to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things is ultimately what raises productivity and living standards. I have not witnessed enough innovation or long term solutions from this Council to the significant issues facing us now and the future. I am concerned about the direction this city is going and I believe I can do better.

Vern Veitch
Prior to becoming a councillor, I was a researcher and a community representative for recreational fishing. I want to be a councillor so that I am in a position where I can influence funding decisions that get real on-ground outcomes that benefit the whole of the community in the areas I represent. Whether the issue is basic infrastructure or high level strategic decisions that influence the future direction of the city, I want to make Townsville more sustainable from every perspective.

Harrison Duncan
As a, now retired, school teacher of 30 years, I believe in community service. I have a positive outlook but am frequently unhappy with many who have served on Council. I believe I can do better and I do not belong nor represent the views of any political party or interest group. Party politics isnít needed in local government and with Townsville growing rapidly we need people who will plan for growth.†

What do you hope to achieve for Magnetic island?

Vern Veitch
I hope to be able to improve the quality of the infrastructure and address some of the long standing issues of drainage and flooding, sewage connections and the quality of the roads. I also want to see Magnetic Island showcased as the most sustainable holiday destination in Australia and with some help from marketing organisations, the most sustainable holiday destination on the world.

Harrison Duncan
We are wasting millions repairing Island roads and patch ups cost much more than properly fixing them. I am for a state controlled road from Horseshoe Bay to West Point. As tourism is the main source of income for Magnetic Island and for the state which should spend far more on Island roads and tourist focussed infrastructure.

I will work for:
*a 24 bed hospital and a nearby 50 bed nursing home on Magnetic Island and suggest the site east of the all seasons hotel.
*the expansion of the 9 hole golf course to 18 holes
*expansion of the TCC library system on Magnetic.
*proper bus shelters for the RSL
*establish walking tracks on public land along the beaches from Nobby Head to Alma Bay.
*extension of the bus route to pass the Foodworks Shopping centre in Nelly Bay
*short bush walks from the roadside to Ned Lees Falls and Endeavour Falls even though they are only seasonal flowing streams.

Vicki Salisbury
To ensure a balance in terms of development and lifestyle and provision of services, similar to the mainland.† I will act as the voice for the Island to deal with issues such as; public transport/ferry to ensure the best outcome for residents and visitor.

Magnetic Island's council election candidates' Q&A
Jennifer McLennan
April 12th 2012
Thanks for this run down. I was interested in hearing about our own Magnetic Islander contender. With the election coming up it is important to know what these people stand for. I would like to hear more about Harrison as I think someone who lives on this island would protect our interests better than someone who comes from town now and then.
Darryl Kerrigan
April 14th 2012
Tell him he's dreaming!
April 14th 2012
its all good to want them things for the island but in reality its never going to happen, id be happy with a 10 bed hospital.
Wendy Tubman
April 14th 2012
Thanks George for seeking the views of relevant local government candidates on what they would like to achieve for Magnetic Island.

However, I think it important to give readers some idea of the accuracy and feasibility of some of the responses.

Harrison Duncan is very misinformed if he thinks that tourism is the main source of income for the state; Tourism Queensland Industry Council puts the figure at just 4.5%. (Possibly starting a debate for another time, I also note that, while it is often said that tourism is the main source of income for Magnetic Island, I would like to see how it compares with the money brought to the island week-in, week-out by all those residents working on the mainland or electronically from home Ė or even that brought to the island through various pensions.)

As for a 50-bed hospital etc, Duncan, must surely know that provision of health services in Queensland is a State responsibility Ė quite apart from which, the likelihood of a 24-bed hospital and a 50-bed nursing home for a population of 2500 is economically just out of the question.

When voting (as well as standing for election and advertising), while holding to dreams and aspirations, it is important to maintain a firm basis on the facts and the feasible.
April 15th 2012
Keep up the good work, George, interesting to hear what our candidates are thinking. It sounds like Duncan would like to spend Townsville's entire budget on Magnetic Island, so I guess even if he were to be elected, the West Point road will stay dirt and our shoreline will be safe from further ugly foreshore development.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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