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March 29th 2012
Magnetic Island teen wins national design award

Design winner Georgie Dunn Magnetic Island teenager Georgie Dunn, 17, is high on success after winning a national competition and a cheque for $2000 for her clever tee-shirt design to discourage young people from using the drug ecstasy.

Georgie won the 15 to 18 years section of the Face Facts Tees comp run by the Federal Government's National Drugs Campaign. Georgie's design was one of 257 entries and voted on by 4000 Facebook users.

As well as the money, Georgie will receive four of her winning design tee-shirts (1200 to be printed) and $250 for tickets to Groovin The Moo.

To see Georgie's design, (CLICK HERE)

Georgie told Magnetic Times, "I brainstormed a whole bunch of ideas, and different slogans, with the help of mum and dad, and eventually thought of, "There's no E in Party", after mum suggested: "You don't need E to be groovy". And then I was just mucking around with an editing program on my computer and came across a painting I'd created months ago, and thought that it was perfect, especially if I could make the colours similar to those in night clubs and parties!"

Georgie thinks, "...a catchy and effective slogan, and a design that is eye catching and looks professional - not like you've just sketched something and thrown it together," is the key to a great tee-shirt design.

"I didn't have a drug theme in mind when I painted the watercolor, I was just painting intuitively and for fun! It was an awesome feeling when I brought it out and thought, hey, this could definitely work with the T-shirt competition! The funny thing is, it's actually a painting of a girl from shoulders up, and someone thought it was a neuron, which could possibly be one of the reasons I won! It's abstract and open to interpretation," said Georgie.

It's reassuring to hear that Georgie doesn't know anyone who has tried ecstasy but said, "I have seen the effects it has long term and am definitely not impressed."

Georgie will be applying to go to university next year to study fashion design and although she hasn't designed many tee-shirts before she said, "I will definitely start having more of a go from now on!"

In fact, buoyed by her success, Georgie has entered another tee-shirt competition for the youth fashion label Mink Pink. The design begins with a sand drawing on Horseshoe Bay beach and Georgie is keen for readers to check out her work and, if inclined, vote for her too. To see Georgies latest design, (
CLICK HERE) but be aware that this comp closes in just one day!

Story: George Hirst

Magnetic Island teen wins national design award
Steve Lane
March 29th 2012
Well done Georgie. Great inspiration and design for a safety message. Lovely photo too...
Regards the Lane family, Cairns.
March 31st 2012
Love both designs! Im sorry I missed the deadline for voting. Sue

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