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March 26th 2012
How Magnetic Island voted

Magnetic Island voted on Saturday in the Queensland State Election and, like almost everywhere, the ALP vote was mercilessly hammered. The ALP's Townsville member, Mandy Johnstone, lost her seat to the LNP's John Hathaway but unlike southern areas it was the impact of the Katter's Australian Party which did the greatest damage. Combined with the comparatively high Greens' vote the results perhaps reflect the more individual flavour of the Island's North Queensland voting style.

The Queensland Electoral Commission shows that, on the Magnetic Island primary vote, Mandy Johnstone lost almost 15% of her support - down from 42.33% to 26.84% and, it seems, the big beneficiary was Bob Katter's Australian Party who, appearing for the first time, attracted 21.8% of the Island vote.

The LNP's John Hathaway also lost votes on the LNP's 2009 vote: down 9.45% to take a primary lead of 35.3%. Meanwhile the new kid on the block, Katter's Australian Party, while taking a large bite out of the ALP and LNP vote, was lower on Magnetic than the Townsville average of 23.23%.

As has happened before, the Greens recorded the highest booth results for any Townsville-based polling places with a representation which was up slightly (0.3%) on 2009 to 13.86. This was nearly twice the Townsville average of 7.6%

We haven't yet seen the distribution of preferences listed on the Queensland Electoral Commission's website (Click here) but as all can see, across Queensland, Campbell Newman's LNP has had a staggeringly large victory.

George Hirst

How Magnetic Island voted
Jenny Stirling
March 26th 2012
Many thanks to the people of Magnetic Island who voted Green :) and heart felt thanks to those who ran the booths. We have an uphill battle ahead of us to preserve the world heritage values of the Reef but then it's been that way for a while now.
All the best to the other candidates and congrats to John.
Vicki Walker
March 26th 2012
A surprise to see Bobcat so popular. As he works industriously, I hope he remains conscious of the fragility of what lies beneath...
March 26th 2012
You didn't mention that the figures you have reported are the Primary Vote only.
While the voting system is optional preferential that does not mean people's preferences should be forgotten. The Katter Party did get about 21% of the primary vote but a large part of that (53.5%) was a vote '1' only vote and was exhausted on the first round of counting.

Mandy Johnstone won the Nelly Bay booth on preferences, with 54.21 % of the Two Candidate Preferred vote, down about 4.8 % on the last State election. In Arcadia Mandy's TCP vote went down about 8.2%. Hathaway won the Arcadia Booth on the Two Candidate Preferred vote.

George Hirst
March 26th 2012
It's good to get some more interpretation on the vote Linda but if you look to the second paragraph of my report I did acknowledge that my article was based on primary votes. At the time the preferences were not listed on the Electoral comission's website.
March 26th 2012
Easy to miss, George. The rest of your article glossed over the fact that we do have preferential voting.
Unfortunately the ECQ is making it harder to get the 'Two Candidate Preferred Vote', booth by booth. I am told you can get the figures 'on the night' in the Virtual Tally Room. But I tried and found it was only available to Microsoft and Internet Explorer users.

By the way, if you put the two booths together, Mandy won the island by a whole 4 votes, after preferences were distributed. Thank you Magnetic Island.

The Greens percentage vote went up slightly, about 1.45%. Congratulations, Jenny.

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