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March 20th 2012
200mm overnight but Magnetic escapes tornado

Offshore readers will be happy to learn that Magnetic Island, while taking 205mm of rain at Picnic Bay and 195mm in Nelly in the last 24 hours, escaped the mini-tornado which dramatically tore through Townsville's suburbs of Vincent and Gulliver.

Nonetheless the heavy downpours caused a large back-up of water in Nelly Bay at Warboys Street where a large pond formed after a drain apparently blocked. One resident had water lapping right to his floorboards.

Following recent repair work on the steep access road to the Nelly Bay reservoir a sizeable channel has been carved out depositing large amounts of sand down Kelly Street which, like many Island streets, looked more like a creek this morning.

The washout coming from the reservoir access road

Pipes exposed by the wash-out from the reservoir road

The usual suspect spot of Apjohn street again featured and when Magnetic Times arrived to take photos one local was quick to call out, "You should have been here last night" when the street was almost entirely under water below the Horseshoe Bay Road intersection.

Corner of Horseshoe Bay Road and Apjohn Street this morning

Apjohn Street

Horseshoe Bay Road in front of Bungalow Bay

But by this morning most of the run-off was coursing down Horseshoe Bay Road where the scene in front of Bungalow Bay was looking particularly riverine.

Story & photos: George Hirst

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200mm overnight but Magnetic escapes tornado
March 20th 2012
Thanks for the info George. Those of us who are comers/goers appreciate being informed.
March 20th 2012
Great to have MT home and back in real time reporting!

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