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December 5th 2011
First look at walkway designs

Digital impression of new walkway Magnetic Island residents have been given a first look at how the new Nelly Bay to Arcadia walkway may look at a meeting on the island on Saturday.

Councillor Trevor Roberts revealed the plans and artist’s impressions for the 710m engineered walkway at a meeting designed to workshop elements of the new City Planning Scheme with residents.

The plans illustrate a boardwalk style walkway constructed of recycled plastic decking boards with stainless steel balustrade and handrails.

Cr Roberts said the walkway would be constructed in two sections. The first, from Geoffrey Bay towards Nelly Bay would be 350m long by 2.5m wide leading to the first of two viewing platforms. This section is disable access compliant.

The second section, from Nelly Bay towards Geoffrey Bay would be 360m long by 2m wide and mostly elevated, with several break out areas.

“This project has been much anticipated both as a tourist attraction and as a safety feature for Magnetic Island,” Cr Roberts said. “I’m sure after so many years of lobbying for it, there are many people who will be keen to see how it will look,” Cr Roberts said.

“The design is in keeping with the existing walkway already in place on the Nelly Bay to Picnic Bay hill and has been designed to show of the fantastic view as well as to be practical.”

Federal Minister for Regional Australia Simon Crean announced $4.79 million in funding for the walkway in September as part of the first round of the Regional Development Australia Fund.

Council has been charged with delivering the project and has also committed $500,000.

Construction is expected to commence mid next year.

Following are images supplied by Townsville City Council of the proposed design:

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First look at walkway designs
Jenny Stirling
December 4th 2011
I have always thought it would be a tourist attraction but others on the island disagreed. Looks splendid!
Lindsay simpson
December 4th 2011
Think it will definitely be a tourist attraction particularly if the walk extends through to Picnic ie are funds going to be put aside to finalise walkway to Picnic and then we will have an ocean walk from Picnic to Jeffreys.
TOBMI has also received (thanks to Rick Braley) $26,500 for snorkel trails. One is at Jeffreys so with both of these initiatives will provide some free things to do for everyone, tourists included.
Alan Patterson
December 5th 2011
Whether it is a tourist attraction or not I am just happy not to be faced with some visitor wheeling their luggage on the road! I am sure it will be worth the wait! Any chance it will extend into a bike track across Geoffrey Bay?
December 5th 2011
It looks fantastic! as a regular visitor to this beautiful island I think this is a fantastic step forward for safety and will encourage tourists and locals to keep active without having the concern of safety. I know this might be a longshot but are there any plans to extend this through to Horseshoe Bay? It feels pretty dicey walking or cycling on that stretch through the narrow roads with the bus bombing around the bends (or having to coem to a halt completely until it is safe to pass). Just a thought.
Peter Edwards-Davis
December 5th 2011
Nice to see this finally going forward. Slight worry that the lower walkway is described as disabled access compliant, but no such description is applied to the upper walkway. Surely, the whole walkway should be disabled access compliant.
Chris C
December 7th 2011
Please - do not use the stainless steel - it will look as ugly from the sea as the HB Power Station at the skate ramp does!! And close-up the stainless steel will no doubt, against all assurances, start to rust within a year or two (have a good look around the NB Harbour, Bright Point etc.
Surely it would be logical (and warm the cockles of any designers heart) to have the design of the PB-NB walkway "flow through" to the NB-GB walkway
December 9th 2011
I think the concept of a safe walkway from one end of the island to the other is fantastic. ( And well over due.

However - from the draft photos it will make Maggie like like a goal (Alcatraz comes to mind)

Why can't it be moved to the other side of the road, up the hill a bit, so that the road view remains unimpeded. For years part of the joy of travelling on the island roads was the view.
Just about every travel magazine book\brochure of MI has a picture taken from the road over the PB-NB-Rocky Bay headland or the NB-GB Headland... Now you will have those bars in each photo. Who wants to look through bars. Surely we can do better!

Here's a thought... Maybe even a Skyrail like at Cairns / Kuranda... from Picnic to Horseshoe...
That would be a tourist attraction on its own.

Just a little more thought should go into it first... you really only get one chance at it.
Mark Pottinger
August 23rd 2012
I think the use of Replas recycled plastic decking is a great initiative; the council should be congratulated on their commitment to the environment!
Andrew Robson
January 6th 2013
Spent the day on Magnetic Island today and saw the completed walkway. VERY dispappointed. In no way is the design in keeping with the existing walkway already in place on the Nelly Bay to Picnic Bay hill. It looks ugly and obscures the magnificent views to all who travel by road. The Picnic Bay walk way uses timber which is more in keeping with the natural surrounds. The Nelly Bay walkway is all metal and concrete and gives the impression of walkway in a bird cage. It reminds me of the original Flinder"s Street East revamp that was full of ugly grey metal structures. Please get rid of the vertical metal bars to free up the view

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