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October 24th 2011
Trap set for croc seen at Nelly Bay

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) officers have set a trap for a crocodile seen in Magnetic Island’s Nelly Bay.

QPWS Wildlife Management Director, Dr Ashley Bunce, said the crocodile, estimated to be two and a half metres, was first reported late on Friday.

“QPWS rangers immediately put up ‘recent crocodile sighting’ signs, and took steps to inform surf lifesavers, council, police and relevant local business community, and regularly monitored the harbour.

“There were further reported sighting over the weekend of what appeared to be the same crocodile.

“If captured, the crocodile will be removed to a crocodile park or zoo.”

The last reported crocodile sighting at Magnetic Island was in April this year.

Crocodile sightings can be reported to DERM at any time on 1300 130 372.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service advises everyone who lives in Croc Country to be Crocwise:
Obey croc warning signs
Never swim in water where crocs may live
Never stand in the waters edge or on an overhanging log and standing a few meters back for fishing or cast netting
Never provoke, harass or feed crocs
Never leave food scraps, fish frames or bait on the waters edge, near a camp site or boat ramp as this may attract crocs to the area
Always supervise children.

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Trap set for croc seen at Nelly Bay
October 24th 2011
Once again, I would suggest that with a crocodile sighting in our environs, the lifeguards/lifesavers at Alma Bay reposition themselves on either the RHS or LHS of the bay, at height, to give themselves a much better chance of spotting a predator, rather than from a low trajectory, sitting on the verandah of the lifesavers' clubhouse.

This was the modus operandi in the days of yore when sharks were prevalent, and there were no nets to restrain them.

It was very effective.

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