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October 19th 2011
Charlie McColl has some explaining to do

What is Charlie doing in America? While those who think they know him believe that well-known Magnetic Island environmental activist, Charlie McColl, is holidaying in Europe at present, Magnetic Times has, by sheer chance, uncovered the truth and photographed the Magnetic man of mulch, very strangely, at work on a building site in Portland, Oregon, USA.

As the photo, snapped from a passing bus in Portland, by your editor (also currently on leave), clearly shows, Charlie McColl has some explaining to do.

We'd like to know why he is about to attach something to a wall on a near completed apartment block and how has he managed to look a year or so younger? Is it the effect of the way less intense sunlight of this northern city or perhaps its highly-admired, sustainable transport and excellent recycling laws that have brought a little youthful glow to this veteran of the Nelly Bay Harbour campaign? We'd like to know Mr McColl. So if you are reading this during your lunch break, perhaps you could enlighten us all.

Story & photo: George Hirst

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Charlie McColl has some explaining to do
Alf Goater
October 18th 2011

Eh George , are you sure thats not an Oregon county Jail photo.?
George Hirst
October 18th 2011
Missed the jails Alf but gotta say that Charlie looked totally at home and well in charge of his equipment.
October 19th 2011
Wow !! even on holidays you are still hard at it George, ever observant and getting a good scoop,ha ha .
Hope you and Pen are having the best time and having too much fun,
October 19th 2011
Thanks, Geo. I'm hardly ever in charge of my equipment and I'm about to sack my caddy. Just stepped up out of the ruins of the Forum in downtown Rome and pondering a walk tomorrow along the other Appian Way - the one paved in stone with wheel ruts worn in it after 2000+ years.
Cannot explain the identikit oddity but must say there is some good looking talent in America. A twin? More likely the DNA gods finally got their shit together.
January 19th 2012

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