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August 9th 2011
Qld Small Business & Tourism Minister to visit Island tomorrow

It may be short notice but the Queensland Minister for Small Business and Tourism, Jan Jarratt, will be visiting Magnetic Island tomorrow, Wednesday August 10, and her itinerary will include a public meeting at noon.

The Minister will be accompanied by Member for Townsville Mandy Johnstone for the trip, with the aim of meeting local tourism operators and businesses to hear concerns on the current state of the industry and also discover ways of combating the issues facing Magnetic Island, especially in the wake of Cyclone Yasi.

If you would like a chance to voice your opinion on the issue, you are invited to attend an informal, forum-style meeting with the Minister and Mandy on Wednesday. Details are as follows:

When: Wednesday August 10, 12pm-1pm
Where: Lions Park, Sooning Street, Nelly Bay
Who: Minister for Tourism and Small Business Jan Jarratt
Member for Townsville Mandy Johnstone

The organisers have advised that the meeting will take place at the park's undercover seating area. However, due to the number of people attending, they suggest that bringing a fold-out chair may be necessary.

Story & photos: George Hirst

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Qld Small Business & Tourism Minister to visit Island tomorrow
August 9th 2011
Perhaps if there was more emphasis on quality and service there wouldn't be any issues to combat! And perhaps if Council looked after Magnetic Island as it does on the mainland i.e. walkways connecting bays, properly surfaced roads, paid attention to what home owners are doing to council reserves i.e. dumping cars, parking cars illegally on reserves, rubbish and taking no pride in their immediate surroundings. Also opening hours for businesses and not allowing to open when they feel like it. A lot of businesses pick and choose their opening hours so no-one is actually sure if a business is going to be open or not. Not to mention kitchens closing between 7:30pm and 8:00pm - many times we have been embarrassed by overseas visitors wandering the Island looking for somewhere to eat and to be told "the Kitchened closed at 8:00pm"! And yet those business operators are the first to complain they are not making money. Remember in the past when it took up to 5 years to build their business and reputation whereas now it appears if they are not making money in the first 6 months they are high-tailing it from the Island! As I have already stated perhaps if more attention was put on service and quality there would not be any issues to combat! Forget catering to the lowest common denomiator....quality! quality! quality! Case in point on a higher note take a look at the Cafe dell'Isola where the owners have come to the Island with a positive attitude, put their hearts and souls into providing QUALITY food and ingredients and surprise! surprise! they have not only made their business an icon on the Island they have expanded to Horseshoe Bay - all within a year! WELL DONE Lucia & Alberto - wish there were more like you!

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