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June 15th 2011
$30,000 for limited hours childcare funding to continue for 2011-12

Yesterday the Queensland government announced that a top-up of $30,000 in funding, for limited-hours childcare at Magnetic Island’s C & K Limited Hours Childcare Centre, would be made for the new financial year.

“It’s extremely good news for C & K Magnetic Island because we are a limited hours service,” said Kindy Co-ordinator, Lana Collier.

The Centre is run as both a kindy for three days per week and as a limited hours childcare service for two days per week.

The limited hours funding had suffered from a commonwealth cut back announced to begin on July 1. This accounted for 50% of the budget and so the take-up by the state will restore the original level for the next year. There is however, no assurance that the funding will continue after the end of 2011-12.

According to Lana Collier, “Fifteen families are currently using the limited hours service and we would have had to close that service or charge families twice the amount but now the fees will be able to stay the same.”

Another 39 limited hours centres across Queensland have benefitted for the state government’s decision to take up the shortfall left by the commonwealth.

“We were advised by Minister Cameron Dick that the state government is lobbying their federal counterparts to restore the original funding,” said Lana.

Story: George Hirst

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$30,000 for limited hours childcare funding to continue for 2011-12
June 15th 2011
Good news,It is such an essential service for the island, also big THANKS to Lana who decided to committ herself to run the Kindy as well as the Limited Hours CC and save the Magnetic Island Child care in the first place. What would we do without you? Lets hope the island can remain a place for the young families to raise their children in Paradise >Come on Mr Dick make it happen...Love Tatjana
June 15th 2011
Fantastic news and a credit to the persistence and hard work of Lana and all parents and friends of the centre who fought so hard to have the funding reinstated.
Ray Gartrell
June 15th 2011
This is a great outcome for the Maggie Island Community and in particular those who will now have a service that is much needed. I congratulate Lana and all the people who were persistent in their endeavours to maintain the pressure on all levels of Government. Good to see the State Govt has funded this and they need to be given credit for this. Well done to all. Regards Ray Gartrell

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