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June 14th 2011
Walkway protest on the way

The problem It's a serious threat to public safety and for many years Magnetic Islanders have been calling for the completion of the Nelly to Arcadia walkway. The narrow road, which sees walkers and bicyclists daily risk their lives attempting to squeeze by when traffic is passing, will be the focus of a protest march on Sunday June 26.

The protest which is being organised by the Magnetic Island Ratepayers and Residents Association (MIRRA) have letterboxed the Island with a flyer in which MIRRA President Cameron Turnbull says, "It is a disgrace that this dangerous thoroughfare has been allowed to continue. It is time all politicians of all persuasions make a commitment to fix this fiasco. Our Community must unite in order to be heard."

"Local, State and Federal elections are imminent. We must not miss this opportunity. The walkway between Nelly Bay and Arcadia MUST BE COMPLETED.

"The Federal Member for Herbert, the Hon Ewen Jones and the Divisional Councillor Trevor Roberts have already agreed to attend. Other acceptances are expected. You will be formally invited in the week before the event. Please mark this date on your calendar now."

All residents and visitors on Magnetic Island are advised that the campaign to promote the construction of the Nelly Bay to Arcadia walkway will be launched officially on Sunday 26th June at 3pm.

MIRRA are calling for the community and interested visitors to gather in the beachfront park opposite Bright Avenue and progress to the end of Marine Parade at the base of Bright Point in Arcadia.

According to Cameron Turnbull, local and Townsville community leaders will address the gathering, and a plan of action proposed. Your contributions will be appreciated.

Time/date: 3pm Sunday June 26
Where: Park opposite corner of Bright Avenue and Marine Parade, Arcadia.

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Walkway protest on the way
wendy Tubman
June 13th 2011
There is confusion in the land! The correct way to address our local Federal member is: Mr Ewen Jones MP. A simple way of remembering when to use the title 'The Hon.' when referring to a Member of Parliament is to ask the question: 'is the person a Minister/the Prime Minister?' If the answer is 'no', then, with a very few exceptions, which do not apply to Mr Jones, the correct title is just plain old Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr etc.
June 13th 2011
But however we should or shouldn't address Parliamentarians, the main issue being addressed here has to be recognised. I am unable to attend the meeting but send my full support for the completion of the very dangerous walkway.
Lea of Rheuben Terrace
June 14th 2011
Sounds like it could be a good weekend to come to the Island. That road has been a risk to public health and safety for far too long. Exercise is supposed to be good for your health.
June 14th 2011
Great initiative, finally a little action rather than just more talk. I won't be on the island to join in but fully support the initiative.

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