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June 8th 2011
Letter: V8 event shuts down computer shop

Race track barriers obstruct access to shop A frustrated Townsville small business owner turns to Magnetic Times after claiming that, " one (media) will take up my case at this point in time".

I am the owner occupier of the premises/business(Townsville Computer Recyclers) that lies adjacent to the fence line of the V8 track on Boundary St.

Each year the Townsville 400 V8 event has a huge adverse impact to my business.

The road that enters the carpark to my business is closed for 6 and half business days each year. During the inaugural event I lost 17 business days of trading due to construction.

Customers cannot access the carpark and we are left without income or compensation during the week leading up to the event and the monday after. We are also forced to lay off staff.

I have pursued legal avenues for compensation to the point of exhaustion to no avail. I have also contacted numerous councillors also no to avail.

Itís a classic case of corporate might overshadows the small business owner.

Graham van Brederode
Townsville Computer Recyclers

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Letter: V8 event shuts down computer shop
June 7th 2011
You know you're hitting your head against a brick wall going to the TCC and the local media as they will be ghung ho and all "geared" up for this race. They're probably working out which corporate box invite to accept. Have you gone further afield seeking legal advice? Law firms outside of town, e.g. Slater & Gordon. They like a good "fight". Ever consider writing in BIG BOLD LETTERS on a BIG SHEET something like "v8's = LOSE OF BUSINESS" and hang said sheet from the top of the building? Cameras bound to pick it up. Good Luck.
Barbara Gibbs
June 7th 2011
Then it is time to get petition together and see how many back you for compensation. The TCC brag about the millions they make from this event, whilst denying smaller events funding on that very basis, so they should be forced to compensate an existing business for every hour of business lost.
Alan Renton
June 7th 2011
The Council closes the road. Surely the Council should compensate.
June 8th 2011
Pretty typical of how the council panders to the corporates in Townsville.The state of the Townsville Mall for the past 10 years is perfect example of how the corporates have trashed,degraded,shamed and abandoned our beautiful city. Be assured the TCR are not the only business that has suffers the V8 invasion.Many of our regular customers at Comics Haven avoid the city region in an attempt to bypass the bogan V8 event all together. Sure it makes millions of dollars and provides casual work for several hundred people for 3 or 4 days but the money doesn't stay in Townsville or benefit local business unless you are lucky enough to land the catering contract. I think it only fair that they pay for Townsville Computer Recyclers rent for at least the duration of the race.As a family owned small business we have endured the racket and noise for the past two years being situated on Charters Towers Road but this year we will probably do what our customers do and leave town its just not worth it!
Tony COCKran
June 8th 2011
V8 Supercars is a BUSINESS. It is not motor SPORT. Everybody in V8 Supercars is paid. Sue them. And the Council. And everyone else. But Channel 7 broadcasts it so they will not want to know about it. Maybe try Current Affair. Good luck.
June 8th 2011
Try contacting the V8 corporation and asking for some free advertizing (maybe on the Safety Car) to compensate for lost business. Bagging them will get you nowhere but loving-up might get you a freebee.
Tell them you support the V8s and would be happy to carry promo advertizing on your shopfront. Sucking's as good as blowing old mate.
June 8th 2011
You could try the old fashioned "protest: to draw attentiion. Possibly chaining yourself to the crash barrier outside your shop (as opposed to a tree). As a fellow business owner I sympathise with your predicament. I suppose Council does not credit you Rates for this period?
June 8th 2011
This concept that all of Townsville falls to its knees and pays homage to the V8's is rubbish. There are people out there who aren't petrol heads and want to continue with their business.
The comments in this string are quite sensible. Surely some compensation is due!
Byrnes - Business Lawyers
June 8th 2011
Legislation relating to motor racing in Queensland is the most outlandish Act. The law says that the race organiser is boss of everyone and has absolute power over the gazetted area and is answerable to no one except the Minister. It says no environmental law, noise polution, compensation laws or anything apply.
June 9th 2011
Funny how they can promote the sale of the V8 Supercars business for multi millions of dollars and it makes big news on how everyone wins. Everyone except the honest small business operators that suffer.
The Federal, State & Local governments don't care as they make the laws so that V8 business is untouchable.
Go to the opposition media & fight your case.
Ponder this,, what happened to the mangroves that were chopped down to build the bridge behind the Civic Theatre. Nothing !!!! Get the greenies on board Oh did I suggest that
Fight hard Graham
June 17th 2011
Ah yes, you can't beat this Queensland Labor Government for sheer hypocricy and arrogance in passing outlandish laws. Makes Joh seem a rank amateur in comparison. After all, why would the strain being put on all of the small businesses in the gazetted area be of concern to the race organisers or TCC. They're not losing money or their staff being put off.
June 20th 2011
I am just wondering why people visiting his shop aren't able to access his shop from Railway Avenue, from Queens Road.

I note that this premises has no problem having people access the rooftop during the event - so why not leading up to it. Perhaps he could be a little more proactive and advise his customers that they can access from Queens Rd.

If he had no access whatsoever then I think that there would be grounds but that is not the case.
June 20th 2011
Sally, I guess that if your employer said that they were going to pay you 10% of your weekly wage this week because of the V8 event you would just except that?
Pat Coleman
June 30th 2011
why not diversify your busineess during the event.get onto both the feminists and the adult shops and offer penis enlargement therapy for all those who see a v8, want one but cant afford one . It would surely be a complex protest (in terms of winning the business of those ashamed of their old fella and have one of those inadequecy issues ..hence the nature of the complex!).Noisy things drive me nuts and they are 200 mts away ....boom boom bloody boom of the gear boxes drives me nuts!

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