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May 12th 2011
Island golfers' triumph

Five of the victorious B Grade team It’s official. Cyclones can be the key to success. Well that’s the only conclusion we can come to after learning of the great success of two Magnetic Island blokes’ golf teams when, last weekend, they each won pennants. No Magnetic team has won a pennant in twenty years.

A clearly proud Team Captain, Cameron Walker, told Magnetic Times his main job now was to make the frames for the coveted triangles of felt.

The gents who range in ages from mid 30s to 75 plus included Phil Landon of Arcadia of whom Cam Walker claimed, “Played his best round in two years.”

The Club competed in Division 1V with a pennant in B.Grade against Ingham, Lavarack, and Home Hill and C Grade won their first pennant ever against Home Hill, Colinsville and Charters Towers.

For the record, the teams included:

B Grade: Mike franzmann, David Law, Peter Doric, Brian Staunton, Bill Caddy, Grant Vormister, John Wall, Greg Melvin, missing is Captain Cam

C Grade: Peter Dexter, Hugh Strickland, Bruce Zander, Steve Carter, Sandy Morison. Missing is Phill Landon, Ian Ruscoe, Bob Cathcart and Captain Cam.

So how could a cyclone be the key to success? Captain Cam explained: “The competition was to be held in Proserpine but due to cyclone damage it was moved to Magnetic where the boys got to play on home soil - and it helped a lot!  

Story: George Hirst
Photos courtesy of Captain Cam

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Island golfers' triumph
Pete and Sally Clark
May 12th 2011
Fantastic!! and congratulations to all concerned - we're very proud of you
Pete & Sally C
Kylie Harwood
May 12th 2011
Well done guys! You make us proud:)
Stan Wojo
May 12th 2011
I had the priviledge of playing against Magnetic Island in 'B' grade. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to both Magnetic Island teams on their long overdue success.

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