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A young koala's beach adventure

April 26th 2011
WOD on the way

A sand turtle from last years WOD World Oceans Day is again on the Magnetic Island event horizon and organiser, Barbara Gibbs has provided an update on progress for the WOD along with a broad invite for a wide range of participants to get involved.

It is time again to inform the general public and businesses of World Oceans Day celebrations on the island on Saturday June 4th.

Like last year this year's WOD will be starting at Alma Bay park from 10am - 2pm(ish). Then, for the families, progress to Horseshoe Bay and eventually, for the more daring and young adults, to X-BASE until midnight.

Negotiations are underway to get a family day happening at BASE on Sunday with outdoor activities for all to join in.

What is required now, is anyone who has time, to assist in the planning stages alongside myself as I lose track at times and can only do so much on my own.

A Youth Talent Quest is planned for the early evening after 5.30pm at Barefoot Art, Food, Wine so get practicing on your best, dance or reciting poetry.

I also require the artists that haven't already created recyclable art and sculptures with an oceans' or environmental theme (World Environment Day is the next day) to start gathering up materials and get creating.

Photographs of endemically, ocean-oriented, genre (regional to this area please) are again going to be displayed and judged. Peppers have suggested their atrium as an artspace which is great.

Kids, get your ocean-themed outfits ready for judging again, and teens see what you can create in fashion again...this time don't be shy.

Stall holders get your eco-friendly goodies together and forget the rest. Food stalls of a healthier kind are encouraged, as well as the Rotary hut.

Sample bags have been provided again by GBRMPA so if your business is eco-friendly and has something to add to the bags, there are 100 to add goodies to(:

Live entertainment is arranged and buskers and face-painters are welcome.

Local restaurants are going to have seafood specials on using sustainable seafoods, so make use of them and enjoy.

Prizes are being sought again for the plethora of activities and registering on the day.

Contact myself on 0429887448 with any queries or offers. Remember we run on a very low budget, but it works with the help of the public. It is our island and our gain as a community, not a single entity.

Awards will be presented to some youth who have made a difference thus far and to 2 special beach cleanup champions.

Duie the Dugong and Tipee the Turtle are making special appearances in the morning so be sure to come along and meet these two icons.

Barbara J Gibbs

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WOD on the way
Alan Renton
April 26th 2011
All strength to the World Oceans Day. However I must ask who gave permission for the nude snorkelling event last year!? Doesn't it break the laws of the land. Whom did it benefit? Perhaps only sales at Xbase.
If we have nudity on this day at this beach why not every beach every day - it is a public beach!!
Or maybe the Townsvillians would like it in their public parks.
Fair go Aussie.
Alan Renton
April 26th 2011
I'm not sure if there is any permanent connection between WOD and nude snorkelling at XBase but I would have thought that since no-one in government, Council etc. has authority to give such consent, one of the prerequisites of skinny-dipping is that one neither asks nor expects to receive permission.
Other than the rampant coral spawning around the full moon in November, there is no evidence any nudity 'took place' last year so can't we just assume it was a dream rather than a reality? I'm sure the Great Barrier Reef doesn't care one way or the other.
Andrew Kerans
April 27th 2011
Yes, why not.

Great idea!

It would drive the prudes off the island too :)

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