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April 16th 2011
5.4 earth tremor felt on Magnetic Island

At 3.31pm this afternoon an earth tremor was felt on Magnetic Island.

The quake, which was centred about 50 kms west of Bowen and about 124 kms south east of Townsville, measured 5.4 on the richter scale. It lasted about four seconds and caused windows to shake and one resident of Nelly Bay, Tania Scheudt said it made her feet jump off her concrete floor.

Ms Liz Heba, Duty Officer from the Cairns Office of the Bureau of Meteorology told Magnetic Times that the tremor was over land and too small to cause a tsunami.

According to Geoscience Australia its position was set at 20.034 South and 147.659 East and reports are coming in from Bowen of buildings and windows shaking slightly. One poster to weatherzone forum said "Our whole house shook. People are still coming out into the street wondering what is happening".

Story: George Hirst

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5.4 earth tremor felt on Magnetic Island
April 16th 2011
What seismic movement ? That was me letting the big one go after a good night of gastronomical delights the night before !
April 18th 2011
I'd like to know where the "gastronomical delights" are to be found on "Maggie".
Kitchen Kev
April 18th 2011
Apart from my own kitchen Id say that the eggplant pizza at Cafe della Sola isn't half bad but wouldn't a good Indian restaurant that keeps most mains around $15 be a godsend on the Rock.

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