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March 12th 2011
Aussie tells his Japanese earthquake story

Magnetic Times doesn't usually report international events but today we received an interesting and witty account of how one Aussie experienced the devastating Japanese earthquake. It's from Jim Gaynor, brother of Island resident Margy Gaynor, who thought readers might be interested in Jim's message to his family to give them, "The full story," as he saw it from a farm near the city of Aomori which is located at the northern end of Honshu, Japan's largest Island.


So I was shovelling horseshit from a stable when Azusa, my boss yelled "JI_SHIN"(earthquake) which in japan is like saying "MOSQUITO" or something about as dramatic. it felt like surfing, or standing on a um...moving floor. Quite fun at first. Then the tempo increased to the point of, "Ahh....better check the roof to see if its falling," but no it didnt and it subsided.

I checked the horses. They were staring into middle distance. One of them flicked a nostril. Japanese horses dont predict earthquakes.

Then I went to dump the horseshit on the horseshit pile. It was a lot of horseshit. While standing the number 2 (earthquake) happened. The overhead power lines swayed rhythmically. Then the horses in the lower paddock jumped. Then there was a low, omniscient (good word that) rumble to my left, where the volcano is.
" shit!" I thought. But it stopped, and all was quiet. PHEW!

So I finished shovelling the horseshit (I love my job) and said goodbyes and went down the mountain back to town. The traffic lights were down, so, using my taxi driver skills, I pushed through and made it back.

Yoko and the boys were huddled in the middle room under a still swaying lightbulb. I think they were waiting for the final blow. All power was down but luckily Yoko had a tranny (transistor radio, not transvestite) to keep up to date with the stories of immense destruction and other great stuff to keep the spirits up. Japanese love DOOM.

As it was -2 and snowing outside we got the kero heater going. Years back I bought two, in case of an emergency. Gas and water were ok so we cooked up a curry soup, and as it was Friday night I bought out the scotch and guitar. We sat under the light from my emergency survival torches which Yoko said we would never need. HA!

After, I took Mutuski out for a walk around, to suss out the situation. The radio said power was off indefinitely. A few hotels and government buildings had generators but aside from that it was BLACK.

People were in a hotel cafe staring into their coffees. The hostess barlights were off for the first time in the history of Aomori. I think they even survived the US bombing of WW2. So it felt like THE END OF DAYS.

So we got home and after a few more scotches and earthquakes we all went to sleep.

This morning I woke and THE TV WAS BACK ON! showing non-stop footage of the destruction and carnage.

A friend of mine left Tokyo to live up here because he said it was going to be a safe place after Nostradamus' predictions. He was RIGHT!

Thank you for all your concern. We are all good.

WE LOVE YOUS...........................jim

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Aussie tells his Japanese earthquake story
David Pierce
March 13th 2011
What a excellent story, thank you.
March 14th 2011
Thank you for publishing that. It helps us to understand a minute part of what things were like if we can read real-life stories such as this.
March 18th 2011
How pleasant to have access to this story amidst all the devastation and sorrow.

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