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March 2nd 2011
Work to start on Qld's biggest solar array and it's on Magnetic Island

Ergon staff and contractors at the skate park The much awaited Solar City redevelopment of the Magnetic Island Skate Park at Horseshoe Bay is about to start. When completed, the shaded, multi-use recreational skate park will generate 100 kilowatts of solar power to go back into the island’s electricity grid. But before work can begin in earnest the park will have to be closed to skaters.

Solar Cities Community Engagement Manager Julie Heath told Magnetic Times, “When completed the Solar Park will the largest solar array in Queensland. It will provide solar shade for skate park users, a family BBQ and picnic pavilion, a visitors pavilion providing shade for home and away sporting teams around the playing field and a stage pavilion for community presentations,” she said.

Design of the re-developed facility followed an extensive community consultation process.

To facilitate the work the skate park will close from the 7th of March and is expected to re-open in late April.

Ms Heath said the closure is necessary to ensure the safety of all those who use the park and visit the centre while construction takes place, but it wouldn’t be for too long.

“The skate park will be open again for the Easter holidays so skateboarders will be able to make full use of it again in the shade,” she said.

“We need to close the park for about six weeks to ensure public safety while the main structure is erected.

“The whole area will have construction occurring so everyone needs to take care when using the park or visiting the centre.”

The skate park will re-open for use in time for Easter with an official opening of the entire complex to be held mid year.

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Work to start on Qld's biggest solar array and it's on Magnetic Island
Dani Ryan
March 2nd 2011
Great to hear that Yasi has not held things up too much. With all of the recent rain we have had I am very pleased to know that things are progressing.
I'm sure there are a few skaters who will be a bit stunned with the closure...but think long term, it will be back with fabulous new advantages.
Bring it on Solar Cities. And I say that knowing that the noise will possibly become a pain as I live in close proximity. 'No pain, no gain' Looking forward to seeing the result.
vicki copping
March 3rd 2011
I regret that it didn't occur to me earlier (was working constantly in N/B when all this was happening)...that a Tennis Wall would be fantastic in that large space as well! Kids with rackets bashing against a wall, with a net level indicator, would not only encourage tennis as a sport/possible obsession (a good one), and also just to thrash a ball around if you're not into skating?

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