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A young koala's beach adventure

January 19th 2011
Councillor responds to off-leash dog issues

On January 7 we published a story, "Vale koala 049" about the mauling death of a healthy mail koala found dead at the golf course in Picnic Bay. The article triggered many responses about dog control on Magnetic Island or the lack thereof. At the time we'd sought comment from Magnetic Island's Councillor Trevor Roberts after we were informed that in 2010 there had been no fines issued for dogs being of-leash on Magnetic Island. WE have now recieved a response from Cr Roberts who also apologised for its lateness.

Cr Roberts' response to our inquiries regarding the state of animal law enforcement on Magnetic follow:

The council has a local laws officer on the island and we send additional officers over there every 10 days, and more frequently if we receive any complaints.

The council treats any attack very seriously and in response to this latest incident we’ll be carrying out extra patrols.

Owners need to be reminded that their dogs should be properly enclosed and when they’re out in public properly restrained.

We encourage people to report roaming dogs or dog attacks so that we can investigate and respond.

There are 406 registered dogs on the island and last year the council received nine complaints about roaming dogs.

We also had four reports of dog attacks all of which were investigated, resulting in prosecutions.

In recent weeks we have incresed the patrols and all dogs observed were on a leash.

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Councillor responds to off-leash dog issues
January 19th 2011
Good to hear you've upped patrols Trev but if your guys want to find the dogs off the lead easily just go down to Nelly Bay beach after five. May cost a little overtime but youd cover costs cos plenty of locals think the beach is Ok for that, cept the nesting turtles, beach birds and dog owners who do the right thing.
January 20th 2011
Bit of deja vu happening here. Similar article in the Townsville Bulletin last week I believe. Hey Tev while one lot of your guys are patrolling Nelly Bay after five how about send some down to Horseshoe Bay Beach and nearby recreation ground then on the way back keep an eye open around Geoffrey Bay. Spotted one young lady today trotting along with her rat sized dog down Marine Parade around 8.10a.m. , no lead, nada.
January 20th 2011
It might be splitting hairs a bit Davo but really the problem is not dogs off the lead WHILE THEIR OWNERS ARE IN ATTENDANCE. The problem is roaming dogs who apparently don't have an owner, or whose owner is at work or whose owner doesn't give a stuff. I know rools-r-rools and you'll get plenty of support for draconian policing to the absolute nth degree - but not from me.
January 20th 2011
Something similar to this response was published in the Townsville Bulletin last week. Copy and paste going on if you ask me. Trev about you get your guys up and early as I noticed at leat 2 different dogs on the wander around Horseshoe this morning.
Greta (pen name) V. Walker
January 20th 2011
The wandering dogs are to be pitied, as they live with owners who care little for their welfare.Its like letting your toddlers out to play in the traffic.
Occasionally, a dog will do a Houdini trick, fair enough. But then the problem has to be rectified.
Yoy know, in some sensible communities (none in Australia), the RSPCA, or equivalent, come to inspect your yard for suitability when you wish to buy a pet from them
How intelligent is that! No more working, and large dogs stuck in an unsuitable environment, going nuts with boredom and loneliness.
No more runs and chains that control their miserable lives.
As I said, not in Australia...
The Husky and Lab cross were out this morning running down Yule, and into Picnic Street, and given the reputation of the Husky (whether deserved or not), we made a very quick detour with our dog.
Also, a white Staffie with brown eye patches was wandering up and down Granite Street at the same time.
Wendy Tubman
January 20th 2011
Thanks for the further info George. The number to ring to report wandering dogs is 4727 9000 (Council's main customer service number). The person answering the phone will take the details and pass them on the the legislation folk in TCC. So let's all make a point of ringing Council when we see wandering dogs because, to be fair, with only nine complaints (versus 406 dogs) last year, it is not surprising that Council hasn't acted. Let's make sure they are fully aware of the magnitude the problem.
January 20th 2011
Read similar article almost word for word in the Bully last week. Hope the owner of a male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel spotted wandering around Horseshoe today is able to retrieve their dog. Dog last seen chasing after early morning jogger down Gifford Street past the Horse Ranch. Would said owner PLEASE HAVE A NAME TAG PUT ON SAID DOG'S COLLAR. Honestly people are SLACK. Council has been informed.
Leash lady
January 20th 2011
Chasmac, Think of a woman with a well trained friendly big dog walking on the beach without a lead and someone asks her why its off the chain and she says, this dogs under my control and would never hurt a flea and shes probably right but then the bloke with the dog thatsnot trained and loves to run about sees the other bloke walking his good dog off the lead and does the same. Ask him and he says, My dog would never hurt a flea too. Lots of owners dont know how to control their dogs properly and if people stop to talk often the dog has disappeared off somewhere chasing wildlife before the owner has noticed. Leashes are a pain in the butt but its a little price my dog and I will pay for living in this beautiful place.
January 20th 2011
Leash lady - if you want to take your dog out in the public space you know what the rules are. Everyone does. If a separate section of beach or sports ground or some other public land was set aside as an official "off leash" area you would still have to deal with owners whose dogs are as undisciplined as they are. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Leashes are not a pain in the butt. If you want to stop and gasbag on the beach while your dog or the other person's dog wanders off "chasing wildlife" - help yourself. When you get busted, tough.
adam lewis
January 23rd 2011
Target roaming dogs. Enjoy the others, and let them walk off the leash!!
A mauled Koala may be evidence of roaming dogs, but is unlikely to be dogs being walked off the leash.
Magnetic Island is probably the most stressfull place to own a dog in Australia,and the lack of off-leash areas is little more than cruelty.

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