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A young koala's beach adventure

November 15th 2010
Magnetic Island koalas in the spotlight

A Magnetic Island koala The iconic koala is a favourite with locals and tourists alike on Magnetic Island. Now we have an opportunity to discover more about our cute and furry tree dwelling marsupials.

Researchers from James Cook University and the University of Melbourne will be studying koalas on the island over the next 3 years. Over this time they will be learning more about the biology of our unique koala population. The researchers will be looking to find out more about the Island koalas' range, movements and demography as well as the effect of the dry tropics climate on them. Walkers may notice ear tags on some of the koalas along the Forts walk as part of this study.

The Magnetic Island community as well as visitors are invited to a presentation by the koala researchers this Sunday morning at Bungalow Bay Resort. They will be joined by people from the community that work with koalas on the island to answer questions and give their perspectives about our local koalas.

The koala presentation will be Sunday 21st November starting at 11am running until about 1pm.

For more information contact Jo Petersen on 0417 523 054

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Magnetic Island koalas in the spotlight
November 15th 2010
Isn't it terrific that Magnetic Island's tourism icons are to receive a bit of scientific spit and polish from the groves of Academe. Melbourne people, no less.
While everyone spectates from the lofty heights of the Forts or the Sphinx, patting each other's backs about the priceless environment we have saved for the benefit of these inscrutable eucalyptivores, think a bit more about the 24-lot gated exclusive community that Mr Juniper would like to wall-in at the centre of his 7 acre subdivision in that actual tourism icon - Radical Bay.
Don't say you didn't know that Townsville Council is being asked, by Mr Juniper and the Queensland Government, to let that three kilometre track down to Radical Bay be slightly touched-up and then to be called a Road - which Townsville Council will have to accept as a Townsville street - something for ratepayers to maintain in perpetuity. Won't that be great?
Don't say you didn't know that, in the deal between the Queensland Government and the developer Juniper, the only access to Radical Bay beach (from your compulsory paved car park half way up the hill) will be a 500m walking track around the perimeter fence of a locked gate (guarded?) enclave. We're not talking Nobby Head here. You can't go on their internal 'streets'. This is serious concrete.
And don't say you didn't realise that although the general public will always have 24/7 access to the beach (as long as you can walk the walk), Townsville Council workers will not. That track down to Radical (think about the kilometre from Arthur Bay to Florence Bay) is so steep, with such tight turns, that Council will not allow its trucks or garbage collection vehicles to use it. That'll be handy. That'll be a great road for ratepayers to have to upkeep. We'll just love having to spend millions so that a bloody truck can use a brand new street in 21st century Townsville. And pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabilities will be more or less excluded from the whole road because, like the Nelly-Arcadia road, there's no provision for pedestrians - presumably the intended biggest users - no one will take responsibility and our icon is tarnished because of it.
Townsville Council is being asked now, before Christmas, to form a view, to take a position, to give a consent. What do you think?
Anyway, just saying. While you cuddle the Koala.
Steve Ashton
November 18th 2010
Nice writing! And pretty accurate assessment of the issues. We have written to Cr Roberts about those exact matters and received polite replies but no promises. if you want to change the course everyone on the island and everyone who loves the island should be writing to Council -its the only way to change direction.

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