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October 29th 2010
What kind of boat ramp pontoon do we want?

The Department of Transport and Main Roads are proposing to construct either a floating walkway or a conventional pontoon at Nelly Bay Harbour to service the existing two-lane boat ramp and, over the next two weeks, they are keen to learn which type of boat ramp readers would prefer.

The two options pictured below show the different structures under consideration. To indicate which you would prefer simply use the comments box underneath this article and state your preference for Option 1 or Option 2.

The department has made available additional funding if needed so that the floating walkway option does not mean the reduction of the two lane ramp to a one lane ramp. A true comparison between the two types can now be made with the guarantee that both options will guarantee the current ramp to remain as a two lane facility.

You are also welcome to contact the department's Marine and Environmental Planning Officer, Northern Region, Mr John Plaza on (07) 47207287 or by email: and indicate your preference directly.

Hard copies of the survey can also be obtained from the Nelly Bay Harbour Ferry Terminal.

Option 1: Floating Walkway (would adjoin the left side of the ramp without any ramp lanes being lost)

Option 2: Standard Pontoon (would be free-standing
to the left of the ramp)

The deadline for the survey's response is November 14, 2010.

What kind of boat ramp pontoon do we want?
October 29th 2010
floating walkway for me
October 29th 2010
Pontoon would undoubtedley be of greater general recreation benefit so it gets my vote
Don Kinsey
October 29th 2010
floating walkway please
October 29th 2010
Opt 1 for me too
October 29th 2010
does the 2nd one come in from the side so the pontoon is parrallelto the side of the ramp? If so would take up lots more space
October 29th 2010
Option 1 is a clear winner.
October 29th 2010
With either system the floating landing stage should be at a right angle to ramp keeping both lanes of ramp clear while while car/trailer is being parked or collected for retrieval.Further, the landing stage should be far enough out from shore so boats can be docked on both sides of stage.
Floating walkway parrallel to ramp would mean one lane blocked by moored vessel while skipper is dealing with car/trailer.Also, probably only a matter of time before fisher people start casting from walkway or pontoon across ramp.
October 29th 2010
Floating walkway. . . .option 1
October 29th 2010
Jas, it looks like the gangway onto the pontoon in Option 2 runs parallel to, and right alongside, the boatramp - in the same position as the 'floating ramp' shown in the photo of Option 1 ie. in Option 2 the pontoon is parallel to the shore.
October 30th 2010
Option 2
daniel daniel
October 30th 2010
I pefer option number 2
October 31st 2010
Option 1 for me, please
October 31st 2010
Number 1 for sure!
Chris C
November 1st 2010
I'd like a boat first!
November 1st 2010
Either one looks great as long there is one there.
November 1st 2010
Option 2 looks great
November 1st 2010
option one, would assist with launch and retreaval of boat.
Michael Schmidt
November 1st 2010
SAFETY COMES FIRST.... I have found that other boat ramps have floating walkways on BOTH SIDES so as to accommodate the other lane users as no doubt there will be queues for the ramps when the facility becomes SAFE to use. If we can't have the two walkways then SAFETY squarely puts the option to the Standard pontoon where Grandma and the emergency worker and the wheel chair bound and the G/kids can all be accommodated SAFELY. I am Not being greedy in asking for two Floating walkways -- it is a matter of common sense of safety that the aspiration of having a safe loading facilty was pursued for in the first place. Michael Schmidt.
November 1st 2010
option 2
November 2nd 2010
Option 2 please
pete Mc
November 2nd 2010
option 1 is the go it enables easier launch and retrieval when ramp is slippery with growth and when high winds restrict drive on trailer recoveries.
November 2nd 2010
Option 1 for me
November 2nd 2010
Option 2 thanks
Ian W
November 2nd 2010
option 1 please
November 3rd 2010
Option 1 please
Although both allow passengers to safely board and disembark,option 1 also greatly assists launch and retrieve operations,particularly on windy days
November 3rd 2010
Further to my first comment-
I can see how option #1 could have big benefits to launching & retrieval so why not a combination of 1 & 2 - floating walkway leading to right angle pontoon. NEARLY everyone happy!
November 5th 2010
option 1 pls
November 5th 2010
which ever extends into the water further for those very low tides not to keen on the posts protruding outside the platform on option 1.
Geoff P
November 9th 2010
Option 2 please - mainly for the loading/unloading of children, elderly and the wheelchair bound. No fishing off the pontoon should be enforced.
November 18th 2010
Option 1 - much safer and more practical. It will reduce risk of people slipping while walking down a slippery ramp, particularly at low tide.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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