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October 22nd 2010
Guide to Magnetic's attributes of national significance

World Heritage natural beauty at Radical Bay If you are planning a development or what is termed an "action" on or around, World Heritage, Magnetic Island, it may need referral for assessment under the Commonwealth's Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC). With the publication of a new Magnetic Island Policy Statement the details, which will need consideration prior to an "action", have now been made that much clearer.

It's hardly a sexy title but the science and quality information now available in EPBC Act policy statement 5.1: Region - Magnetic Island, Queensland not only provides guidance for stakeholders in determining whether a proposed action may have a significant impact on matters of national environmental significance likely to occur on Magnetic Island, it is also a very informative guide to very special features of the Island.

One section titled: Listed threatened species, ecological communities and migratory species that may be found on or near Magnetic Island is very extensive and informative and includes a protected areas and habitat distribution map.

The statement discusses listed threatened species, ecological communities, migratory species, World and National Heritage properties, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It provides detailed guidance on activities that may have a significant impact, and identifies a range of actions that can be taken to avoid or reduce impacts.

To fully understand the document and its relevance the department recommends that the policy statement should be read in conjunction with other relevant EPBC Act policy statements, in particular, EPBC Act Policy Statement 1.1 - Significant Impact Guidelines: Matters of National Environmental Significance (Click here)

According to the Department, extensive consultation has been undertaken in the development of the statement and its key elements were developed through an expert workshop in consultation with scientific experts, state and local government and environmental consultants. All recommendations received were considered and, where appropriate, incorporated into the guidelines.

The Magnetic Island, Queensland Policy Statement can be found (Here)

Photo: George Hirst

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Guide to Magnetic's attributes of national significance
October 21st 2010
after the story about the west point rd i spose council will have to run there road alts past canbra now cos theres a big butterfly overwintering spot at one of those creek crossings. might put em in a flap. lol.
Jenny Stirling
October 24th 2010
I'd like to see TCC run a road past But seriously, where else in Australia is there a community like Magnetic Island where people have put so much into protecting their environmental values? Well done.

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