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November 30th 1999

Coconut crime in Arcadia
August 30th 2010
Julie and Clayton really have lost the lot since they cannot return stolen stock to the shelves once it has been in the hands of these wayward boys.

Whatever happened to responsible parenting? Is this behaviour an extension of parental transgression and condoned?

I can hear the lawlessness of these boys further extending to laughter shared amongst 'mates' and each other.

I suppose these kids will walk and commit to a lifetime of variables that will boost the prison population and eat into the tax payers pocket as the State and country is called upon to prepare to support them in later life?

How about growing up and setting goals, boys? How about assuming a responsible attitude or at least a platform of ethics, a basic moral foundation, before you cause havoc and kill someone? Don't say, 'It will never happen to me'. If you don't genuinely change your ways it is inevitable and I know where you will go.

Try changing the course of history and your lives, get an education, set your goals and reach for your goals with certain pride in knowing that you could if you wanted to be a valuable asset to yourselves and the rest of us.

You are lucky that the owners are not bitter and revengeful even though you will have caused greta harm to them and they are ony trying to do what we are all trying to do - butter their bread and live as they serve the community.

You both need to be locked up and not treated with "kid" gloves. If you can't accept responsibility for your actions now you never will. Fact.

August 30th 2010
I am assuming the same YOUTHS were responsible for
ripping my Solar lights out of the garden and pulling them to pieces,they are not able to be fixed,
My neighbours letterbox was torn from it's post and thrown in the creek,[uncollected mail is missing still}
Another neighbors sun lounges were removed from a
trailer and thrown up the street,
The Police were called but unless these LOUTS admit to being in our street there seems to nothing that can be done about this senseless
It is very nerve wracking and rather scary to know
that these kind of Louts are wandering around late
at night- they should be made responsible for the damage they have caused.
Leaves a bad feeling to know what is happening in
our quite little Street in Arcadia while we are sleeping......
August 31st 2010
Until the parents are made to pay for their brats behaviour this type of rubbish will continue.
They don't have this problem in Singapore.
The do gooders have had their turn and it hasn't worked.
Time for the Singapore solution.
August 31st 2010
One way or another parents always pay for their brats' behaviour. I remember when the Singapore government made you wait at the end of the queue if your hair was long or your attitude was potentially insolent. They bulldozed whole suburbs there in the 1970s and they could tell if your thoughts were impure. They also hang people - by the neck until they are dead. From what has been written, 'lock-em-up' Jane and Daniel would spend a long time at the end of queues in Singapore. I can't see how "do gooders" have had their turn- we're adults here, I think we should hold off on the "Singapore solution".
September 1st 2010
My sympathy is with Julie and Clayton who have done so much for the Arcadia community though the development of their shop and the starting up of Butler's Pantry. They are also great community supporters. The best thing we can all do as Islanders is to go and do some extra shopping there (instead of the mainland, then we don't hurt other Island businesses)and help them recoup their loss by extra support and our revenue
September 3rd 2010
I think parents do need to be made responsible for their children's misbehaviour - we do not necessarily need to adopt the 'Singapore Solution'in its entirety but I think parents should be made liable for their children's crimes.
September 3rd 2010
Lorna, perhaps if other Island businesses did not put hefty surcharges on their goods and had decent quality goods (instead of going down to the lowest common denominator) I might shop more on the Island. I might add I do shop regularly at the Arcadia store but not at other grocery outlets.
September 7th 2010
Parents are responsible for their children.It is just that they are getting away without penelty from lax law keeping

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