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August 5th 2010
Let's ask them

Before each election Magnetic Times puts a list of questions to the aspiring candidates to see how they line up on issues related (mostly) to Magnetic Island and our surrounds. This year, in the interests of open democracy, we thought it would be more interesting if we broadened the field a little bit (issue wise) and invite you, our readers, to have a go and submit questions you think are important.

So we can manage the process we are going to limit the final number of questions we put to just six. Our selection will be based one what we see as most pressing specifically for Magnetic Island for the first three with the rest applicable to wider national concerns.

We would ask that the questions not be directed specifically to one candidate but all so we can get a full range of responses.

We realise some readers may disagree or be disappointed with our selection but we aim to be as representative and as interesting as possible. But, if you have a question we have not selected, remember that it will go into our comments box below and candidates are more than welcome to respond there too. At least this way wider issues of interest and concern to readers can be canvassed

We are happy to run questions from named or anonymous sources so long as they are pertinent and are not abusive or defamatory.

We are also limiting these questions to the House of Representatives candidates only as the Senate field is just too large.

We will also be calling on the candidates to respond specifically to the questions rather than making generalised campaign statements.

Our aim is to put the selection together by Friday 13 August, and have the candidates respond formally by Wednesday 18 August - comfortably in time for you to consider your vote for Election Day, Saturday August 21.

The four candidates for Herbert are:

Tony Mooney: Australian Labor Party

Ewen Jones: Liberal National Party of Australia

Michael John Punshon: family First

Mike Rubenach: The Greens

So readers, over to you, what's on your mind for Herbert?

(Please use our comments box below)

George Hirst

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Let's ask them
Geoff Barlow
August 5th 2010
The Coalition supports the indexation of DFRB/DFRDB superannuation pensions for members aged 55 years or over in the same manner as Age and Service pensions.
The Greens support Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefit and Defence Force Retirement Superannuation and retired public servantsí superannuation payments being indexed to wages growth in the same way as age pensions rise.
The Family First Party and The Democrats support us. Where does the Labor Party stand?
August 6th 2010
Will Tony Mooney (& all candidates) suport a price on Carbon and an ETS?
August 9th 2010
if you can put up the price of cigarettes 25% in one go to fund hospitals , why isn't there an obesity tax and put up the price of junk food 25% , sure no one would complain , new hospitals everywhere !
August 12th 2010
Glad I saw the invite for a question in time. Everybody is now finally starting to talk about population levels and let's not trip ourselves up with immigration and boat people on this one so I want to know what each candidate has to say about Australia's future size. How many Australian's do you all think there should there be for a sustainable future?
August 12th 2010
Looks like Radical Bay is back on the back burner for the developers so if there was an opportunity for the government to buy back that freehold land and make it national park, would you support this?
August 12th 2010
I see that the Libs are backing the Arcadia walkway project so Im wondering what the other parties will say on it that's more than a definite maybe?
George Hirst
August 13th 2010
Magnetic Island is a sitting duck if a big cyclone comes and there's no emergency shelter to go to. Evacuation isn't a realistic option with ferries stopping well before the storm hits and not one publically accessible building is deemed adequate for a shelter on Magnetic. A multi-purpose arts, performance/sports/community meeting space, that is also built as a cyclone shelter, would benefit many groups and provide a realistic option for residents when the big blow comes. Would you support moves to achieve such a structure?
Alex Andreassen
August 15th 2010
I work in the service & tourism sector. I would like to ask if the elected member will get serious about the potential of Maggie as a lay back tourist destination and get the funds to re-build the full length of the main road on the island, roughly 11kms?
Flood Proof, Safety Guards, Wide Enough, Smooth Enough, Cat Eyes, the Works???
That way we don't have to complain for another 2-3 decades.
August 17th 2010
".... re-build the full length of the main road on the island, roughly 11kms." Wide enough (for what?), smooth enough, flood proof and 'the works'. Apart from the millions such a project would cost, the scar across every hill and the massive import of materials would create devastation making Bright Point and Radical Bay look like little kids' sand pits. Then the V8s would arrive because, well hey, they can.
Gee Alex, that sounds like... well, like "lay back" tourism. Nature-based pedestrian tourism, wildlife, village atmosphere? Who cares? We're too flat out laid back to notice.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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