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June 7th 2010
Carbon Cuts film comp "a great showcase for island talent"

Over 18s winner Sam Kininmonth The Gala Launch and judging of Magnetic Island Nature Care's Carbon Cuts Short Film Competition last night turned out to be a huge event with 170 locals and visitors squeezing into the Endeavour Room at All Seasons Hotel last night to see the 16 short films which were enetered.

MINCA President and competition organiser, Wendy Tubman told Magnetic Times she was, "Blown away by the night"

"It was a memorable night and a great showcase for island talent - of which there is so much!" said Wendy Tubman.

MINCA President and event organiser, Wendy Tubman

Particular congratulations go to Sam Kininmonth whose film Practical Ways to Deal with Climate Change was awarded first prize for the over 18s section by judges, Sue Clothier, Charlie Veron and Julie Heath with Save the Puffy Bird by Brittany Weatherspoon winning the under 18s section.

The Kyle Boys receive an award

Picnic Bay boys Jalu, Jumara, & Marli Kyle impressed the audience with their hilarious film It's all about crap taking out the under 18s People's Choice.

Most of The Sick World cast and crew

Magnetic Times doesn't usually become part of the stories we report but last night was very special for yours truly and partner Penelope Sheridan as our film, Take the lead took a second prize in the over 18s section and our film Sick world was awarded Outstanding overall production as well as the People's Choice.

Wendy Tubman said, "I am so grateful to all the film makers, the actors, the judges, all seasons hotel, and the sponsors - DERM, Reef HQ, IMAX and Birch Caroll & Coyle.

"With the permission of the film-makers we plan to put the films on the MINCA website and YouTube," said Wendy.

As authorisations are still being finalised the films are yet to be posted to Youtube but Magnetic Times will advise when this is done.

Wendy Tubman said, "The champagne wasn't even flat before we had had multiple requests to do it all again next year... so get thinking."

The event certainly made an impression on one guest (soon to be named) with Wendy commenting, "We have already snagged a sponsor for next year".

For the record the prize winners in the different categories were as follows:


Ist ‘Save the Puffy Bird’ by Brittany Weatherspoon

2nd ‘It’s All About Crap’ by Jalu Kyle, Jumara Kyle & Marli Kyle

3rd ‘Our Lorax’ by Olivia Illidge

Special Awards

For Creativity and Risk-taking in Film-making: Marley Hannan with three films presented including: Anti-Electro Man Carbon Cutting and The Wimp

For Special Use of Music in Film-making: Eden Pigram for the film Bridge to Nature

For Passion and Enthusiasm in Film-making: Reuben Micic, Toby Bealy & Jude Micic
for Not Radical Bay Too

18s plus

1: Practical Ways to Deal with Climate Change by Sam Kininmonth

2: Take the Lead by Penelope Sheridan and George Hirst

3: Nature’s Perspective by Stuart Kininmonth

Special Award
For: Outstanding overall production: Penelope Sheridan and George Hirst
for Sick World

People's Choice Awards:
Under 18s: It’s All About Crap by Jalu, Jumara and Marli Kyle
18 Plus: Sick World by Penelope Sheridan and George Hirst.

For more photos of the big event (Click here)

Story and Photos: George Hirst

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Carbon Cuts film comp
June 7th 2010
wow - the event has even found its way to the UK - what a great event. Many congratulations to you Wendy for your own outstanding contribution and dedication. Congratulations to you Sam - great things ahead, and to all the others for such a worthwhile contribution. Judging by the organising organisers, a great fun event, well done
Tania Dennis
June 7th 2010
Sylvia Hayes
June 8th 2010
Why not hold this event at the outdoor screen "cinema" at the Solar Centre next year. A great venue!
June 8th 2010
Hey, wow,
a short film event on Magnetic island!
why did you have to wait until i was away to start the competition?
well done everyone, i can't wait to see the films.
and can i enter next years?
June 10th 2010
What outstanding talent there is on Magnetic island! The actors,producers, script writers, and overall organiser did a fantastic job getting an environmental message across in a clear and entertaining way. Hopefully the message will prompt positive responses all round.
Dani Ryan
June 8th 2010
Congratulations to all participants and award winners!
Special congrats to Sam and the Kyle boys woo-hoo!!!
I look forward to the re-runs on youtube as I missed the comp.
Well done everyone!

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