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March 20th 2010
Cyclone Ului wildlife alert

Some can only hold on in a cyclone While Magnetic Islanders are preparing for high winds from Cyclone Ului it is worth considering those who will have to ride out the night and morning outside in the elements. Following is a short message from Darrie Lisle, Magnetic Island Fauna Care Organization Carers Co-ordinator.

Darrie writes:

As the weather starts to change here on the island residents are seeing changes in the behaviour patterns of our wildlife. Just watch the movements and listen to the sounds of the birds around you.

Magnetic Island Fauna Care Organization is preparing for a possible influx of wildlife Magnetic Island residents may find once the cyclone passes. Please call 0427 918 130 or 0400 243 842 if you find any wildlife in need of rescue or care.

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Cyclone Ului wildlife alert
March 20th 2010
today being sat 20th march, i can not hear and birds and the wildlife around the house has gone into hiding, i hope they the feel the change and prepare themselves, if any animals arnt lucky enough to be safe, we will be helping them any way possible.....

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