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February 19th 2010
Another night full of rain

Your editor tests the depth at Chinamans Creek Here at Magnetic Times' residence and office in the wilds of Bolger Bay on Magnetic Island's west coast it was another night full of rain. Through the small hours the power of nature could be heard at volume as the roof's percussion was accompanied by the fuzzy roar of a mountain behind us shedding water across its slopes through rivulets and runnels into cascading streams between countless boulders. And as this report is being written the day seems to be following suit.

For those with a wet seasonal love of the Bureau of Meterology (BOM) radar site it was fascinating to watch the swirling masses of rain as it circled Magnetic on its slow treck northwards

Overnight we see from the BOM observations that in the 24 hours to 9am, Nelly Bay received 171mm and Picnic Bay 98mm. Meanwhile Mr Bill Timms at West Point reported 190mm in the 24 hours to 7am.

Of course the water has to go somewhere and on the west coast the most exciting somewhere we found was Chinaman's Creek where the road goes under for about 50 metres. As the photo shows, your budgie-smuggling Editor was keen to measure the depth.

Photo: Pen Sheridan

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Another night full of rain
Barbara Gibbs
February 20th 2010
Gotta luv the budgies George(: You are a brave man(: Maybe we need a dinghy ferry for you guys over west?
Chris C
February 20th 2010
Great pic George - There's a Tony Abbott joke there somewhere !!
Peter Jackson
February 20th 2010
Please reassure your faithful readers, dear editor, that no budgies were harmed in the making of this story!
Anne Race
March 4th 2010
An editor that goes above and beyond for the cause of news reporting. ha ha! Love it.

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