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November 30th 2009
2009 Trivia Night launches Tourism Magnetic Island

Heads, tails and trivia An enthusiastic crowd gathered last Saturday night for the 2009 Magnetic Island Trivia night. Previously organised by MICDA, the newly formed Tourism Magnetic Island had been offered the challenge to continue the island tradition.

The night started with a choice from Nelís famous Indonesian food. Tables then chose their names, which included; Tipsy Topless, Come Up Trumps, Zimbrits + 2, United Nations, Picnic Bay Walkers, Maggie Divas +1, Mahogany Gliders, Nelly Nostradami, Princess Scummy, Seduction, The Round Table and The Half Wits.

Auctioneer Col Foley

Tourism Magnetic Island President, Lindsay Simpson

Phil and Sara

Nel, Jill and Nicky

The game was on! With a range of trivia rounds, heads and tails, and an auction brilliantly lead by Colin Foley, the night ended with a draw between Come Up Trumps and Maggie Divas + 1. With another 3 questions to find the winner still not resolving the contest, another heads and tails led Come Up Trumps to be true to their name and end up as the winners on the night!

The final scores

With more than 38 businesses contributing over $3,200 in prizes TMI would like to thank everyone for their support and they look forward to making Trivia Night 2010 even better.

To become a member, or for more information on TMI, please contact Alli Angus (TMI Secretary) at DTIMI next to IGA or email her at†

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2009 Trivia Night launches Tourism Magnetic Island
Sylvia Hayes
December 1st 2009
Thanks Nell and Rick...your food was great and the service was very well organised.
Which is more than I can say about the silly questions and lack of atmosphere on the night.Ask Carla Ghezzi to be MC next year. I'll score.

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