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October 6th 2009
Ergon Man and kids to save power

Ergon Man appeared at the Tropical Talent art show Ergon Energy is enlisting the support of regional Queensland kids and a ‘superhero’ to encourage customers to use energy more sensibly, saving money on electricity bills and benefiting the environment.

General Manager Operations Northern, Paul Ryan said: “It’s been well documented that the enthusiasm of children can have a significant impact on changing family behaviour and with 21% of the population now aged up to 14 years we hope to tap into that to build on the success of our existing energy saving programs.”

Ergon Energy’s mascot, Ergon Energy Man, will lead the charge in a state wide ‘Energy Sense’ campaign, taking on a series of characters, known as ‘Energy Eaters', including ‘Lili Longshower’ and ‘Stan By’, encouraging children to use their energy sense and turn off appliances.

They’ll be incorporated into an online game available on Ergonia (Ergon Energy’s energy education website - click here) and television commercials set to run during children’s programming.”

Ergon Energy has already challenged its 650,000 customers and 4500 employees across regional Queensland to use less electricity. It has developed an Electricity Emissions Calculator on its website, .

“The calculator is an easy-to-use interactive tool that assists customers to calculate how many tonnes of carbon dioxide their household electricity usage is responsible for. It also calculates how many tonnes of emissions can be saved by switching off appliances or switching to lower-energy appliances,” Mr Ryan said.

“Simple actions, such as not using standby power and switching to low-wattage globes and energy efficient showerheads can make a significant difference,” he said.

Ergon Energy is also rolling out an initiative to allow its customers to use their electricity bills to compare their energy use to others in their area, encouraging them to reduce their electricity consumption.

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Ergon Man and kids to save power
October 12th 2009
Aside from saving money on electricity, you will also save the environment.


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