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October 2nd 2009
Construction starts on Picnic Bay wastewater project

Construction work is about to start on a project to connect Picnic Bay homes to the main sewerage network.

The scheme is designed to reduce the potential for groundwater contamination from septic tanks, with construction work scheduled to start on October 5.

Townsville Mayor and Water Business Committee chair, Cr Les Tyrell, said 94 homes at Picnic Bay would be connected.

“The majority of properties at Picnic Bay have been relying on septic tanks, but unfortunately as these get older, they contaminate groundwater supplies,” Cr Tyrell said.

“This is particularly critical for Magnetic Island where much of the groundwater finds its way into the surrounding ocean, resulting in damage to marine life.

“Connecting homes up to the main network is a more sustainable solution for the island.”

Cr Tyrell said the works were part of wider efforts to improve and protect the marine environment and followed a successful roll-out program in Arcadia, Horseshoe Bay and Nelly Bay.

“Another benefit of the project is that it allows us to increase the use of recycled water on the island’s public parks and gardens, as well as the golf course at Picnic Bay,” Cr Tyrell said.

“When this work is complete, the environment will be better off in more ways than one.”

Affected residents and property owners will be kept informed as construction proceeds.

The work will be carried out by RMS Engineering and Construction, and is scheduled to be complete in June 2010.

The cost of connection for residents will vary, depending on the size of the property and on the amount of plumbing fixtures required.

Owner-occupiers can apply for a rebate of up to $2,000 to assist with the cost of the works.

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Construction starts on Picnic Bay wastewater project
David Tyler
October 1st 2009
Does anyone know when every lot in Arcadia will get town sewerage? Can you please reply as comments, and I will check and see what you say.
Lorna Hempstead
October 5th 2009
In reply to David seeking information on Arcadia - the Council is rolling out the Island sewerage mains on a multi-year programme - if David was to email our ward councillor Trevor Roberts (email and web addresses cannot be posted in our comments for technical reasons but Cr Roberts email is easily found on the Townsville City Council website Ed.) with that question - Trevor should be able to consult the Council's multi year plan and advise.
October 4th 2009
What would be really handy is some sort of diagram of the proposed Picnic Bay works showing where the pipes will run to connect the "94 homes" (which might be about half the houses in Picnic).
October 4th 2009
And what about Nelly Bay? Did contact Council and they said, after many weeks awaiting a response, 2014??
Esther Bank, Townsville Water
October 9th 2009
As part of plans to continue rolling out this program, we are looking to connect homes over the next five years in Nelly Bay and Arcadia.

In relation to Picnic Bay, plans of the project area were shown at a briefing on 27 September. Updated plans are also on display in the shop next to the Picnic Bay Hotel.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us


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