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August 7th 2009
Horseshoe Bay boat ramp notice

Following is an important message concerning the upgrading of the Horseshoe Bay Boat ramp from Townsville City Council

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Horseshoe Bay boat ramp notice
August 6th 2009
As one of the 6 or so regular users of this ramp, one has to ask why are the council wasting ratepayers money once again? H/Bay ramp is only used a little more frequently during this time of year (Jun - Sept) when we have holiday makers here. For the rest of the year there is never any congestion or car/trailer parking issues. Wouldn't this money be better spent in Townsville where there is a shortage of both ramp facilities and carparks. Or better still, if they have cash to splash, why not finish the Nelly to Picnic walkway or build one from Arcadia to Nelly. If made decisions like this in my job I wouldn't have one for very long. Remember whose cash this is....take at look at your rates bill when it arrives this month.
Derek Phillippo
August 7th 2009
So if they finish on time! the water sports will not be able to work for six weeks and the same goes for the jet ski operators and in tourist season. Why not wait till the off season. What is happening in council land?
Derek Phillippo
August 7th 2009
I retract my above comment as I have since found out that the boat ramp will remain open to the water sports operators, all the operators have been spoken to and they are very happy with the arrangements.
August 10th 2009
Hang on a second Derek,we do not want common sense prevailing here-This is the council we are talking about and they would hate to break tradition.
Bruce Wlliams
August 10th 2009
Cecil, had you thought that the TCC had noticed the depressed Island economy, and were acute enough to realise that enhancing the marine scene in H.Bay would encourage boaties from elsewhere to check us out? Ces, you're not a Public Servant by any chance?
August 11th 2009
I wouldn't have a clue where this particular bucket of cash has its origins but it's likely that "... enhancing the marine scene in H.Bay.." would have fully met the criteria for a SHOVEL-READY infrastructure development project under the Rudd Stimulus Package. What's the Council supposed to do?
Perhaps those bumper stickers saying "I FISH AND I VOTE" have had some effect - or are they really just some fisherblokes boasting about their multi-tasking capacities?
Anyway, it probably means that our new Council is right on the ball when it comes to ferreting out and accessing dollops of public money. Reward or penalty? It's all politics really.
August 19th 2009
Go down and have look when they are finished and you can advise how a concrete strip and the loss of 1 or 2 shade trees has enhanced the "marine scene". Public servant?? What's that got to do with the original context of my earlier comments?
August 23rd 2009
I thnk that the money would be better spent on giving the inhabitants (humans) some manners. I am a regular visitor to the Island and have found that there are not many there with any manners but they are very good at whinging and bitching.
August 26th 2009
Will the Arcadia to Nelly Bay walkway project ever be shovel ready?? A 2nd boat ramp at Horseshoe Bay is a terrible waste of ratepayers money.

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