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July 9th 2009
Smaller buses coming

Transit Australia Managing Director Mr Wayne Patch Some good news for Islanders who believe that Magnetic Island buses are too big for the Island's narrow roads. The news from Managing Director of Transit Australia, the new owner of the MI Bus Service, is “We are looking at smaller buses”.

Mr Wayne Patch told Magnetic Times,“It is 6 months now since Thea (Thea Eastwood the former MI Bus Service owner who sold to Transit) and we've been watching how the tourist season goes through. We are looking at smaller buses. The 57 seaters are not suited and there is an opportunity now within the organisation to move smaller buses onto the Island. We are looking at the loadings.”

Mr Patch also indicated that a new electronic ticketing system would be introduced to Island buses, probably by September.

“The electronic system really gives better data. The paper tickets don't do that.” he said.

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Smaller buses coming
July 9th 2009
Yeh! and Hallelujah!

Thanks Wayne - great move. 'Twill be much appreciated by many (all?). Safer, more fuel efficient, more appropriate. Thanks
Bruce Williams
July 9th 2009
At last, some action on the gripes brought up by MIRRA at the Council's meeting called to investigate the Islands transportation needs. We havent's heard about movement on the needs of pedestrians crossing between bays. Islanders welcome such positive moves.
July 12th 2009
I ride a scooter around the island and smaller buses coming at you round the bends is long overdue.
Will they please have names like the lil ROSIE?
July 13th 2009
Great News! It is about time someone saw sense. Excellent!
July 26th 2009
Well I hope the smaller buses is a good move. How are these smaller buses going to deal with the crowds during the height of the tourist season. This week I've been on 2 buses going to Horsheshoe Bay after picking up from NB Terminal and you couldn't move the bus was jam packed. I understand there's a safety issue with narrow roads and large buses, perhaps a bit more money spent on our roads would help.

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