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June 17th 2009
Fire update Nelly Bay back burn tonight

The burn above Nelly Bay this afternoon Magnetic Times received the following fire report from the Department of Environment & Resource Management (DERM) this afternoon.

The fire has continued to burn in the Magnetic Island highlands over the past week due to the persistent dry weather conditions. The cooler temperatures and relatively stable weather has resulted in the fire continuing to burn slowly and at a low intensity.

Currently fire fronts are burning slowly on Mt Cook and on the ridges above Nelly Bay and Bolger Bay.

Rangers have been actively monitoring the progress of the fire. A decision has been made today to back burn from the fire access tracks between Kelly Street and the Hideaway Estate in Nelly Bay. The back burn will commence later this afternoon.

The Department of Environment and Resource Management would like to thank Magnetic Island residents for their patience and understanding over the past week and apologise for any inconvenience caused by the smoke.

For further information contact the Ranger-in-Charge on 4778 5378

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Fire update Nelly Bay back burn tonight
June 17th 2009
I feel that there was no advance warning of the specific areas of backburning so the residents could be prepared. Why is it we have to learn what is happening after the decision is made? Who has the authority and at what time does a resident have a chance to discuss it.

Island Hideaway Resident.
June 18th 2009
I note that the phone number of the decision makers ("the authority") is listed in three of the four articles published in MagneticTimes over the past week or so. Each contains an invitation to discuss the issues - presumably at whatever time the querist wishes.

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