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June 2nd 2009
Magnetic Island planned burn program to start soon

Smoking grass trees from a 2007 planned burn Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) rangers have been busy preparing for the coming fire season, and planned burns are scheduled to begin on Magnetic Island in the next few weeks.

Ranger-in-charge Patrick Centurino said strategic burns would be conducted in the national park and adjacent unallocated State land from May to September, when weather conditions were suitable.

“Over the last few months, rangers have been improving and upgrading fire access tracks and will continue that work”, Mr Centurino said.

“Last year we concentrated on burning lowland areas to preserve locally threatened poplar gum woodlands and reduce fuel loads behind urban areas.

“In 2009 our objective is to conduct controlled fires in some high altitude stringybark woodlands areas.

“Islanders and visitors will see fire crews working from the ground and also from a helicopter to access the areas we need to burn.

A map indicating the proposed areas for planned burns

“Magnetic Island residents can learn more about why DERM uses fire management and how burns are planned and conducted at the Community Fire Season Presentation at the RSL Hall in Arcadia on Sunday 28 June, 12 – 3pm.

DERM works closely with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, other fire agencies, local government, adjoining landholders, local communities and Traditional owners in managing fire and to ensure coordination of any planned burns and response to wildfires.

“Residents will be advised of imminent planned burns via local media,” Mr Centurino said

For more information about any aspect of the burns planned for Magnetic Island National Park please call the Department of Environment and Resource Management on 4778 5378.

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Magnetic Island planned burn program to start soon
K. Grech
June 2nd 2009
Aren't these 'high altitude stringybark woodland areas' which are targetted also prime habitat for the island's koala population? I know that the controlled burns are very carefully carried out, but do these sleepy little creatures really have the time or ability to escape the fire?

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