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April 1st 2009
"Crucify him" a misquote says Bee

Steve Hall and Peter Taylor from Beach Hire Aust Horseshoe Bay Beach Hire operator Mr Tim Bee, who recently learned that his company lost its tender to a NSW competitor "Beach Hire Australia", claims he was misquoted by the Townsville Bulletin when he was reported to have said (about Beach Hire Australia's Steve Hall), "If he comes up here we are going to crucify him."

"I was totally misquoted. I'm not a trouble maker and I haven't threatened anyone," said Tim Bee who believes he actually said, "I was being crucified."

But Townsville Bulletin reporter, Lendl Ryan, who originally reported the comment, (click here) which appears to have alienated Mr Bee's support, rejected Mr Bee's account and told Magnetic Times he stands by his reporting.

Shortly after the news of Mr Bee's loss to Beach Hire Australia was announced, an Island group called, "Save our Bees" (SOB) was formed.

Spokesperson, David "Crusty" Herron, was reported in the Townsville Bulletin to have said, "Tim is not moving. Nor are we. With the thousands of phone calls, emails, text messages and personal contacts we have collectively received, we are assured that it is not only the residents and businesses on Maggie behind the Bees but the people of Townsville are with us as well,"

But Mr Bee has called on Islanders planning a rally in support of his business to call it off. "Crusty wants a rally in the park. I don't want that," he said.

It has now been divulged that Mr Bee had offered $600 for the two year tender while Beach Hire Australia had put up $3500 and included beach chairs with umbrellas, lockers and other items on top of Mr Bee's range of equipment for hire.

Mr Bee, who has operated from the beach for 14 years, told Magnetic Times that his permits allowed hirers to visit Balding and Five Beach Bays and that he had just invested a large amount to upgrade his equipment. He claimed that if watersports operators did not feel secure from higher bidding they would not be prepared to invest for the longer term leading to poorer quality equipment and safety concerns.

More recently, Magnetic Times received the following letter (below) from Beach Hire Australia's Steve Hall who is keen to put his case to readers.

Hi, My name is Steve Hall and I am the owner operator of Beach Hire Australia the successful applicant of the Townsville City Councils recreational hire permit for beach hire equipment at Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island.

I would just like to dispel some fears and misconceptions the public may have about us being awarded the tender.

Firstly, although we are registered in NSW we are an Australian business and I will be living and working full time on the Island. We will also be employing locals who live on the island and it is our intention to create local jobs and not take them away.

I first came to Maggie over 15 years ago and have visited regularly ever since. It has been a dream of mine to live on the Island and this is why I, along with my business partner Peter Taylor, decided to apply for the Tender when it came up.

We applied in November when it became available but was told there had not been enough applicants so we had to reapply in February and thankfully won.

We had no idea about how much Mr. Bee offered and it certainly was not about money. We simply offered amenities we feel will be of benefit to our patrons and to the Island community.

Although Council was not legally allowed to disclose tender details I am happy to fill in the gaps and provide details below. We are simply two mates who own a beach hire operation together.

The tender process was adhered to by all who entered and is a process used by councils all across Australia for thousands of businesses a year. It was voted for by a full council committee and was deemed best for the community and not for the individual.

The amenities offered in our application where as follows:

Free security beach lockers to the public.
Sit on top Kayaks
reef viewing body boards
stand up paddle boards
snorkel gear ( to be used well away from motorised vessels)
wetsuits and stinger suits
Banana Chairs and umbrellas offering comfort and protection from the sun

All our Umbrellas have bags attached which we encourage our patrons to fill with their rubbish.

We are an extremely environmentally sound operation and have absolutely no intention of "trampling all over the reef?" We both surf, dive and spend the best part of our life in the the ocean so looking after the environment is number one to us.
All equipment will be set up and removed daily with no impact on the environment.

We also offered free nipper boards to local surf clubs and will also hold a community day once a year where all the days takings and staff wages are given to local projects.

These are not sweeteners this is simply how we run our business.

In addition to this we also intend to have a dedicated website for our beach hIre on Magnetic Island and are also going to produce a DVD of the Island featuring local operators in the tourism, food and hospitality industry totally free of charge. This will be available for free in local shops and visitor centres.

We intend to be very pro active in promoting the Island and local community. We intend to join and work closely with the local tourism organisation Townsville Enterprise and other tourism services within the region. The DVD will be available within one month of us setting up.

Obviously we extend the offer of including Mr. Bee in the local business DVD so that he may continue his business at his new site. We do not intend to trade under his name or put him, out of a job.

We are offering new services to Horseshoe Bay and will be bringing new people to the island who may not have come in the past. We will encourage people who use our Sydney Beach Hire to visit Magnetic Island and will also ensure our DVD is available in tourism offices in Sydney.

We totally understand the locals concern but it is also the Australian way to give someone a fair go and that, as future locals, is all that we ask.

Steve Hall and Peter Taylor
for Beach hire Australia

Story: George Hirst

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April 1st 2009
It is sad that in a time of such financial hardship, that the local council chooses to put local businesspersons out of business in favour of southerners with commercial rather than island style operations. These sound like they have been to Thailand and copied their style. It will be a cluttered outlook, rather than a simple beach outlook with all those chairs and we really need this? After all, these guys are already in a lucrative business, so it isn't like they are struggling to survive like Mr. Bee possibly is. The fair go part seems a little askew n'est pas?
April 2nd 2009
'"Mr Bee, however, warned Mr Hall he would not be welcome.
"If he comes up here we are going to crucify him," he said. "If he thinks he is going to live here he won't last."'

Unfortunately for Mr Bee,he has found out the "DIEHARD" way, how the Townsville Bulletin operates. They would have loved that quote of Mr Bee's about crucify,blah,blah,blah and now Mr Bee is trying to say he didn't say it. So I'm replying to the scenario that what The Bulletin reported Mr Bee as saying, is true.

Mr Bee, your blatant threats to Mr Hall, are true Bully boy tactics, and clearly shows you up for what you are.

Mr Hall, as a long standing "local", I apologise for some of the bully tactics used to try and scare you off the Island, no doubt you are reading the Bulletin
April 3rd 2009
Mr Bee, there was a process of tendering to operate your business, and for whatever reason you didn't follow procedure - don't blame everyone else for your error. There is no doubt that TCC did not handle the communication of the decision well, but it appears the process for awarding the tender was fair and just.
Yes, the Bully loves to sensationalise, but we're not fooled by your retraction of the "crucify" comment. No doubt it was something said in the heat of the moment and in hindsight everyone can agree that it wasn't appropriate.
Hall and Taylor appear to be smart businessmen who are prepared to make a committment to Magnetic Island, and i wish them well with their business.
Chris C
April 3rd 2009
They're really gonna make their fortune out of reef viewing in Horseshoe are'nt they??!!
April 3rd 2009
I feel the Council has done the right thing in rewarding the best possible tenderer. I also think it deplorable that each tenderer was not personally informed. Up till now, I have been reluctant to comment amid the usual Island frenzy to right wrongs as a small group of people see them.

The moment I read the quote re 'crucifying them', I (and I daresay a lot of other decent people) lost all respect for Mr Bee, his entourage and his predicament. If he was quoted incorrectly, I apologise, however the whole interview reeked of thuggery and I for one, will not be a part of it.

I, too, wish Mr Hall and Mr Taylor every success in the future and can assure them they will be made most welcome on the Island by like-minded people.
Bruce Williams
April 5th 2009
This seems to be a further example of the Townsville City Council moving many of its services out of the reach of the common ratepayer or resident. After having paid rates to this local government since 1978, I can testify that, whereas once the TCC was approachable and sympathetic to the "little bloke", now most of their services which I need to access are way beyond my reach. Mr Bee's problems may seem extraordinary; I see what happened to him as one more example of an out-of-touch administration.
April 5th 2009
Same old story...
And tourism always wins...
I am a born and raised island girl; my first 20 years were all magnetic. And i havenít been gone long,
I have watched the island turn from a beautiful surreal hideaway to that of a tourist resort.
And no matter how much we all try to fight it, it will not return to the way it was, the tourism will win.
I know Tim Bee, I spent a lot of my childhood riding on his paddle boats and sitting under the palm trees where he sets up every day and I was shocked to hear about the changes in the Bulletin.
But Mr Hall and Mr Taylor are Australians too, and the harsh attitudes coming from the locals arenít Australian at all!
Mistakes have been made, and change is inevitable, I think as a local community, Magnetic Island residents including my friends and family should be welcoming the newcomers like we do any other instead of threats and harsh attitudes.
April 6th 2009
As a local, I welcome Steve Hall,hoping he will provide professional facilities and a better aesthetic outlook for horsehoe bay....maybe we'll get some of the carparks back that Tim Bee hogs, woe be tide if you happen to be a tourist and park your mini moke in one of his personal car spots by mistake, or is he still placing the chairs there to block the park spots for when he arrives? Cute Tim, but it's attitudes like yours that don't endear and offer support. (Abridged Ed)
Peter Francis Hughes
April 6th 2009
It is interesting watching Tim's 'trial by the media' from afar, interesting indeed. Observing the corporate governance of the Townsville City Council, their allocation process and the way their media department is seen to work, it is no wonder the media ( the ones producing the daily bin liners) are having such a field day here.

Firstly, did the council announce any of this information regarding tenders via their website following coucil meetings?

Secondly, was Tim aware of the way in which the council planned to allocate this permit. I suggest that the council should have explained the process to him as his firm has successfully used their permit here over many years.

Finally, who will now be the person who looks after the 'Bay' in fair weather and foul? In and out of tourist season? Who is available every day or night to rescue a boat, save a tourist or just protect Magnetic Island's best anchorage? These skills arn't learnt in Sydney, they come from growing up on the Island and spending many years in its waters.

We don't have all the facts here Townsville Bulletin. You owe the Bee family an apology.
Peter F. Hughes
Lorne, Vic
April 7th 2009
oh great....... more clutter on the beaches... thing we'll see maccy D's on the espalande....the mark of a true paradise.....
Whitey the croc
April 7th 2009
I'm all for competition and new adventures. And look what happened to me. Go for it Steve. cheers Whitey the Croc

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