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March 18th 2009
Just vote Mo

The Mo He's big, he's running for parliament and he used to be one of ours. Yes Mark "The Mo" Tull, formerly of Magnetic Island, is standing as an independent for the state seat of Southport.

Contacting Magnetic Times recently, the past President of the MI RSL and active community player, reckons the way his new home town works clearly lacks Mo-tivation.

Just at the end of his street is the local dump, and like Magnetic's Mount Mitre 11, it grows higher by the week and, down in Southport, the Mo, who works these days as a Google contractor, ain't happy about the pile of garbage that was supposed to be closed ten years ago.

Former Magnetic Islander, candidate
for Southport, Mark "The Mo" Tull.

Few would forget the moving and poised ANZAC Day speeches the Mo delivered in his time and, now, barrelling in as hard as Big Mo Merv Hughes - offering a free cut-out mo for the kids on his how to vote card (click here), it wouldn't surprise Islanders if the Mo gets the dump dumped regardless of the electoral outcome.

While The Mo is running his own race claiming that the major parties' plans are not visible, lack detail and remind him of the, "Don't you worry about that" times, he hasn't quite gone the whole hog . His important second preference goes to LNP candidate Tania Wright which kind of spoils our first preference headline, "Just vote Mo!"

Story: George Hirst

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Just vote Mo
March 21st 2009
Can't hack moustaches
March 21st 2009
Can't hack moustaches unless they are on girls
March 21st 2009
But not Pauline
March 22nd 2009
GO MO, When he was on the Island he did so much for many causes and saved the RSL from extinction..

MAke your MArk Son..

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