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February 19th 2009
Magnetic Times in recess

Magnetic Times is presently in recess and we apologise to all of our regular readers and visitors for the current lack of ongoing news and events.

As Magnetic Times is run by just a couple of Magnetic residents we all have to take a break some time and George and Penelope have done just this.

We are looking forward to returning in March with our regular Island news stories but, in the meantime, hope to update letters and comments as we can.

Please remember that there are literally thousands of stories you can read for free on Magnetic Times just by keying a subject into our search engine at the top left corner of the site. You may well be surprised to find just what we have available.

So, for February 2009, we wish our readers the very best in the exciting monsoon weather.

The best,
George and Penelope

Magnetic Times in recess
Denise Colk
February 5th 2009
Thanks for the update. Was a bit concerned that something was wrong. Enjoy your break and look forward to hearing all dear Maggies news from March.
February 18th 2009
We have misssed you. Have a great holiday.
February 20th 2009
Certainly have missed Magnetic Times recently. It keeps me in touch between visits.
Warwick Benn
February 22nd 2009
You guys really deserve a break. It is incredible the amount of work you do for your community and Im looking forward to reading all the Maggie news when you get back. Cheers Warwick
March 1st 2009
Cant wait to get my Maggie news once again but have a great break G and P. You deserve it!!! Sandra
March 1st 2009
love this site. come back soon. JM
Conny & Jan Ton
March 13th 2009
Hope you will be back soon. The MT is our link with Maggie when we are at home in Holland.
But enjoy the break, we just had our 2 month break on MI and Sydney.
March 20th 2009
The boys and yours t miss you too, but you both deserve a decent break. So enjoy!! Have been away myself for a few weeks also...had a riotous b'day yeah!

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