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January 22nd 2009
The Spirit of Rocky Bay snapped?

Is this the Spirit of Rocky Bay? Did anybody on Magnetic Island have a strange experience on the night of January 16? If so, we would love to hear about it or your comments about the strange and spooky photo taken that night at the Rocky Bay lookout and sent to us by Townsville reader Joan Versteeg.

Joan contacted us about her digital photo which included an, "appearance".

Our reproduction below shows the full photo but slightly diminishes the brightness of the apparition. In the photo there is a clear wavy trail of light which seems to start down over the water beneath another round patch of light. The trail then runs up and through a large and brighter head and shoulders-like shape and continues out of the image to the right.

Joan wrote, "We stayed at the Leisure Resort on Magnetic Island from Jan 16 to 19. After a scooter ride we stopped and had a little walk and took some photo's and discovered an appearance in our I'm just wondering if you guys have had any other people with the same sort of thing happening..."

"I'm pretty sure it is a spirit but I know a lot of people are pretty skeptical about it!

The Spirit of Rocky Bay snapped?
January 22nd 2009
It isn't the first time people have managed to shoot spirits. Unless you have actually experienced these phenomena, it is hard to comprehend. However, if you are on a high enough level of conciousness and not narrow, you understand the reality of it all. If it is not a spirit, maybe a firefly, but that doesn't explain the trailing light from 2 sides. There have been deaths there, and even quite recently, and possibly a tortured soul. Call me crazy, but I have had a very real experience involving a family member...not imagined.
January 22nd 2009
Looks like a snowman.. hehehe...
January 22nd 2009
Gee... April's early this year innit?
January 22nd 2009
Interesting to compare this photo with the Rocky Bay king tide photo you recently published.
January 22nd 2009
Not wanting to sound like a skeptic, but the image looks very much like the result of a tiny filament of something (spider-web, dust, airborne garbage, etc) which is trapped against the camera lens. This causes the gross "out of focus" effect and can usually be identified because it is in front of all other elements of the image - in this case it is in front of the bush at right as well as being equally clear and of equal size in the bay at left. I would be very happy to be found wrong.
January 22nd 2009
Looks like the tortured soul of the great cruising spirit scrotum of Rocky Bay!
January 23rd 2009
oooooo spooooooooky
January 23rd 2009
I've often seen people shooting spirits - usually at the Cri or Picnic Bay pub - a couple of hours before chucking guts. The only sensible things said in any of this are Gav's, Dave's and snipper's comments. It's interesting that people will look for the least parsimonious explanation for such things (photo of a spirit) versus something more pedestrian (dust or hair, close to camera lens highlighted by camera flash/light) when they don't understand something. Bring on the dark ages!
February 3rd 2009
firefly heaps on the island
February 3rd 2009
Perhaps a white spirit landed on the lens? Looks like vodka to me!
Nevertheless, there is a fascinating and true event that took place a few years back regarding a poltergeist in Picnic Street, adjacent to the craft shop... who knows about this?
sheila roach
February 16th 2009
Maybe someone with a mirror reflecting moon??Was it a full one?
March 23rd 2009
"I'm pretty sure"... Seems to me like it was the smoke trail of some whacky tobacky. First rule out all provable phenomena before jumping to the unproven phenomena. As nobody has any scientific evidence of the behavior of "spirits", you can only go on what you see in fictional books, tv shows and movies. Note the up-down movement, which would be the flow of an insect in flight.

Given I found this site looking for evidence of the Firefly in the Townsville region I would go the Firefly. You can see the shape of the glowing part of the firefly and even the legs top left (which seems at first to be tree branches). Fireflies do not constantly emit light, they flash like a little LED. The photo is like taking a photo of headlights, but headlights that flicker bright at one brief moment.
July 4th 2009
Andrew, i have seen fireflies on the Ross River and thought they were spooky little buggers.
April 19th 2010
Well i do have to say the photo is very blown up and half of it is not even there....if you see the original pic you know i couldn't have done anything to it....i took it with my mob ph and it was far away. the pic looks like i did have a smoke close by which i didn't. I hope there is a way i can send the pic with an attachment so the whole pic is there.....

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