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A young koala's beach adventure

January 15th 2009
Still more storm snaps

Nelly Bay beach The storm and king tide snaps continue to be sent in to us by readers and today's selection includes some dramatic action that involved the Island's own Pool Boy at No.1 Bright Point plus more of the devestation in action along hard-hit Nelly Bay beach.

That's one helluva pool maintenance job being performed by Pool Boy on Magnetic, Josh Bland. When the wave hit, photographer, Christine Cross told Magnetic Times, "Josh was protected by the fence. I had a pillar to hang onto when the waves engulfed us. It was fun, Josh & I would make great storm chasers"

Below are more dramatic shots provided to us - this time by reader Pat Spence. Pat was sent these pics by a friend but doesn't know who took them.

And some more from Florence and Radical Bays

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Still more storm snaps
barbara Gibbs
January 16th 2009
Now the fun is over, it is time to volunteer to clean up what has been dumped on what is left of our beaches! I got 2 large garbage bags full of plastic only from a 10mtr length of Nelly Bay from the causeway, and a lovely tourist named David got 3 bins of big plastic items from same end of Nelly. The task is daunting, but someone has to do it if we are to have nice beaches and protect our marine creatures. We don't want our beaches like those in Asia or our oceans to become part of the Pacific Ocean Soup of Plastic! It takes no effort whilst walking your dog...although one dog owner thought it okay to leave it up to the other people!
January 16th 2009
Oh Blimey! Amazing Photos! Can't believe the tide! Wow! Wish I could be back there to experience all the drama! England is less exciting by comparison!
Marg Sewell
January 21st 2009
Wow there are some great photos. i am going to print some off. Who needs professional photographers
Nicole Engel
January 21st 2009
Does anyone know if the sea turtle eggs survived that are buried up Nelly Beach?

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