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January 12th 2009
Roberts, Crisafulli & Veitch to visit Friday

Newly elected Townsville City Councillor Trevor Roberts will visit Magnetic Island this Friday to meet with local residents and get a feel for some of the issues impacting the island.

Councillor Roberts, who has responsibility for the island in the new Townsville City Council, said he would be visiting the island with Acting Mayor David Crisafulli and environmentalist and Townsville Councillor Vern Veitch.

Cr Roberts said his visit to the island would be an ideal opportunity for him to speak with the public about all issues affecting the island.

"As a life long Townsville resident, I have been to the island on countless occasions but this visit is about looking at areas we can improve with a different set of eyes," Cr Roberts said.

"It is my role on Council to fight for a fair share for Magnetic Island residents and to do so I will be a regular visitor over here.

"I'd welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone who feels they can contribute to a better community."

Cr Roberts said he was planning to meet representatives from several community groups as well as officers from Magnetic Island's Police Service to discuss issues he has had raised with him since his election late last year.

Cr Roberts said he would also use the time to inspect the road network across the island, and to discuss the findings of the land transport study.

If you would like to meet with any of the Councillors during their visit it is best to contact them soon. The email addresses for the three Councillors are:

Cr David Crisafulli: Business phone: (07) 4727 9203, Mobile: 0419 197 947

Cr Trevor Roberts: Business phone: (07) 4727 9000, Mobile: 0488 426 074,

Cr Vern Veitch: Business phone: (07) 4772 6998 Mobile: 0418 729 496

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Roberts, Crisafulli & Veitch to visit Friday
Chris C
January 12th 2009
Well let's hope the safe harbour is safe on the day for them....
January 12th 2009
If anyone going could request three of four rubbish bins to be placed along Sooning street between X-base and Mandalay Ave, I would appreciate it.

The full moon parties result in people leaving with drinks in hand and as there are no bins they toss there rubbish into creeks, etc.

I will be at work so cannot raise the concern myself, but if anyone could, that would be great.
January 12th 2009
It has been brought to my attention that some time about November last year the owners of the freehold land in Radical Bay made an application to Council for a significant alteration to their development plans for the bay. Readers will recall that Junipers have a current approval for a 'Sea Temple' resort (100+ units and twelve luxury houses) which passed muster at Local, State and Commonwealth levels some years ago.
I'm told that Junipers would now like to sub-divide the approximately seven acre site to create 24 individual house blocks with road access and street frontage, power, water etc. which could then be marketed like any of the other residential subdivisions on the Island.
I further understand that this (recent) application does not require public notification or any other form of consultation but simply involves internal consideration by Council officers. Therefore, a decision could presumably be announced at any time and Magnetic Island would have a new urban subdivision without anybody in the village really knowing it was happening. This would not make for an auspicious start for our newly elected councillor.
I'd like the visiting councillors to bring with them the Junipers application and make it public here on the Island even if the Council is not legally obliged to do so. Not so that every Tom, Dick and Harry can paw it or pore over it, but rather to publicly engage the Island community in a matter that is right at the heart of OUR business: the relationship between the Council and the residents and ratepayers in the matter of future development.
I am absolutely certain there is no administrative or 'process' obstacle in publicising the application. It's just a matter of whether our elected representatives (each and all of them) actually want to have a meaningful relationship with the Magnetic Island community. On the basis of my most recent experience -so far, so good. On Friday, with the first official visit of Cr Roberts, we'll know more.

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